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Any NC Officers have Any Tips


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  • Any NC Officers have Any Tips

    Need to Know tips for study guides for state test. Forth week in B.L.E.T. And for getting ready for the POPAT.

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    It is a simple plan, actually learn what they teach you. The test is challenging, but readily passable.


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      As long as you can answer your Objectives for each block, you'll pass the State Test....

      But, then I went through in 96.... you guys have a different testing procedure now. Hell, just keep the Objectives in mind and you'll be fine. Most questions are common sense.
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        The state exam has been reformatted since I took it back in 2000, we thought they would never change the test but they finally have, most of it is common sense, just dont overstudy some of the guys in my BLET class did that and failed and had to retake it. As for the POPAT, if you have been doing PT throughout the whole academy with your class on scheduled PT days and a little on your own then you should have no problem, When we did our first assesment of it i couldnt finish it, by the time it came for our final, i did it in 5 flat.
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