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Wow-funny in a sick way.


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  • Wow-funny in a sick way.


    Long and short for those that missed the link or don't want to read it:

    An off duty, plain clothes, Dept of Human Services "cop" ambushed a lady when she returned to her car after shopping, because he saw a dog panting inside the car. He physically restrained her from leaving because he'd called the local PD and they were on the way.

    This knucklehead "cop" decided that he was going to physically stop this woman from leaving because he felt the dog was 'in danger' being left alone inside a vehicle. Nevermind the windows were partly open, or she was gone less than 20 minutes.

    So a fight ensued between the "cop" and woman. The woman tells the dog to 'sic him' and the dog allegedly bites the "cop."

    Local cops show up and lock up the woman for obstruction. While the arrest is being made, the dog somehow escapes the scene and gets run over on a nearby highway.

    It's so horrible, it's funny.

    Anyhow, I never heard of the Dept. of Human Services, nor did I know these guys were police. If -I- was stopped by a guy claiming he was 5-0 from the Dept of Human services, I'd laugh my *** off and go about my business. If he laid hands on me, it's asses and elbows from that point.

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    Stupid is as stupid does.


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