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What is the best way to verify police status?


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    I don't see where that is a problem. Most of the people I interact here are usually the regular posters and I've had no reason to doubt their status. The only time I've seen that issue come up is when one poster gets angry at another and questions the others employment, usually done by the cliquish types. Most posters tend to be honest about their background. This site seems to police itself well, we got several that are pretty good at running the phoney people off. There is no way to verify for certain, unless you want to personally call each individuals work station at the beginning of roll call. If you notice that a poster constantly gripes and complains about everything,that is a good indication that he is a real police officer
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      I like the idea of regional contacts, then branching out to state contacts, then perhaps branching out to regional county contacts or something, so one person isn't charged with verifying everyone.

      That, or a simple call to the phone number of the member's PD.

      I prefer the regional/local branched-out approach though. Seems a little more secure to me. Someone suggested this in another thread, so I can't take credit for it.

      A secure forum using this forum software would be ideal. I would pay to join...
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        Originally posted by Tim Dees
        [*]One suggestion has been for each applicant to send us his/her department's ORI (the identifier used by NCIC/NLETS) for verification, as this information is not known outside the department. But some officers don't know their agency's ORI, and this information isn't top secret - there are people outside the department that will know it.

        I can't imagine a civilian memorizing an ORI ....I think you could do a combination of things...like check IP addys for some posters who can post from work....have emails sent in from work addy's and those that are comfortable fax a copy of their ID card....


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          Speaking for myself, I don't know how you would go about verifying Retired guys who have been retired for any length of time and no one at their former agency remembers.

          Personally, the more my agency forgets I exist the better I like it...they were still calling me out a month and a half after I retired... then they neglected to call me to be invited to my own retirement ceremony. So I have no guarantee that whatever Temp you might get ahold of on the telephone in Human Resources could find any paperwork that ever had my name being associated there. Its not like I am still on any Roster. They have turned over my info to my state retirement system.

          My County government might still have information on me, after all they did invite me to a retirement ceremony, but wanted me to pay for the privilege of attending it. I got my appreciation gift via UPS, so I know they still have my address..

          I would have no problem e-mailing a copy of an ID or former Cert card. I don't have easy access to a fax, and I don't think most retired guys do either. I don't think its fair to ask that our overseas brethren be required to fax an ID from their respective locations, either.

          As for civilians, I think their presence here is quite valuable, as well as most of their input. If the board went strictly Restricted, part of the enjoyment and fulfillment that I get is from the "Ask-a-Cop" section. Why would we need that section if it was just us Cops? I personally think that we wouldn't need a very big Restricted area, since there are quite a lot of civilians, and potential LE who are here to ask questions, converse and interact with people with which they don't need to fear will become Internet stalkers...well, most of us, anyhow .

          I have yet to see what use the "States" area is to the board. No one has ever posted within my state and I daresay there are many others for which that is true as well.

          I personally like the ORI idea, and as long as we don't publicly discuss where they can easily be located at, might work sufficiently in connection with an e-mailed photo ID.
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            Originally posted by Bodie
            I would suggest that members be able to fax a copy of their state's peace officer certification and that would handle it. No one can claim to be or ever have been a cop without one. Maybe a copy of a department academy certificate would also do. The big thing is the peace officer certfication by a state.
            Then only those that have provided a certificate copy would have access.

            You of course would have active, retired and former only allowed access and that's what we as a group want.

            Not everyone who is an officer would necessarily have to have POST Certification


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              Creeker has a good point. Almost everyone I worked with has either passed away or retired and moved. I would have no problem faxing a copy of my ID if it was needed.


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                I don't so much care about a "sworn only" section that only sworn can even view, but I would like some sort of indicator to who is sworn.

                Ideas I like so far on the verification process.

                1. Calling me at work, but you'd 99% most likely have to settle for voicemail.
                2. Having me email you using my work email. Pretty obvious who I work for from that.
                3. Faxing on letterhead.

                I don't mind any of those, the second two are easier for the website though. I am very leary of sending copies of my agency ID anywhere, same with my dpsst card, i.e. state certification card.
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                  Okay I have a solution quick and easy and it can truly verify people if they are LEO or not. Have some type of application process that O.com mails you a password to your department. In my department we each have our own mail boxes.


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                    I would be happy with sending an email from my work account or faxing a copy of my ID. If ORI numbers were used I would be unable to verify as my current agency does not have a number assigned. I work at an overseas military base and have an MPC number assigned by the Army. I do not know how you could verify that.
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                      Canadian LEO/PO would be unable to use their CPIC ORI, as CPIC is monitored for use-rules compliance, and if CPIC Narrative Traffic was being used for personal messages, we can get punished. That, and the fact that O.com would probably not have easy access to ACUPIES to confirm the ORI information anyway.
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                        Providing a copy of your police ID is not something most officers can do, or are willing to do. As I said, our department has SOP against a photo copy. Providing a copy of your academy certificate means nothing, as there is no way to guarantee that it is you. ORI number is not a bad idea, but again the same problem, anyone can get it if they are smart enogh. Just depends on how much trouble they want to go to. I am not big on the phone call idea, but that is just personal opinion. We have personal mailboxes as well, and mailing a letter with a PW is not a bad idea, but there have been times when mail has arrived in your box open.... the honest answer is there is no 100% certain way to ensure that someone is a LEO. We have gotten very good at sniffing out the phoneies....
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                          I belong to several Law Enforcement Websites, some of which have a section for Verified Officers Only.

                          In any case, no matter what the website classification is, be it secure, restricted, verified or not, there are no guarantees and I will not discuss police operational or procedural matters on the internet and I think that most police officers are of the same opinion.

                          I have therefore found that in most of the Law Enforcement Websites, there is very little said within those Verified Officers Only Forums that could not have been said in the General Police/Squad/Specialist Discussion Forums.

                          However, I do see the need to strictly maintain those General Police/Squad/Specialist Discussion Forums, so that the more mature topic posters are clearly separated from that of the school children/wannabes/trolls that often frequent Law Enforcement and Military Forums.

                          In so far as Wannabes are concerned, in my book, there is a distinction between a Wannabe and a person genuinely seeking specific information on a law enforcement or military career.

                          In most cases I will refer a Wannabe to their School Careers Advisor.

                          In so far as the problem of members posting topics in the incorrect or inappropriate Forums is concerned, I feel that the O.com Web Team have addressed that problem by clearly defining the Public Forums from the Officers Only Forums.

                          Granted, there will be from time to time, idiots who will want to enter the Officer Only Forums and play Walter but they are quickly recognised and sorted by the LEO's (Active or Retired)and as long as the Reporting System to Moderators works efficiently and the Walters are given the boot without delay then I see no major problems.

                          In my opinion the Nine points that you raise and very valid but I only need to answer No.9.

                          9. Finally, how critical is it that we have a restricted forum section(s)? Would this feature make Officer.com substantially more valuable to you?

                          Answer. Not critical, not necessary, not valuable and given the size and magnitude of the task, not truely achievable.

                          Best wishes.


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                            Another way could be to choose about ten forum members/volunteers and do a more detailed check to verify they are really cops. These ten cops could then be responsible for verifying other members. Granted it's not fool proof but what system is?
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                              I think you could do it a few ways. I work on a department that is large enough that calling and asking "if the department employs an Officer XX there" wont give me away, nor do I care, but others esp. in smaller agencies could be called out for it, I suppose

                              So you need to provide a few options. Suggestions:

                              1) Call dept to verify.
                              2) have officers fax dept ID
                              3) have officers provide alternate documents.. like academy certificate faxed, along with department letterhead.
                              4) letter typed on dept letterhead sent into O.com to keep on file.
                              5) Email to official department email address that would be used as the users ID, that would need confirmation back from that addy.
                              6) a combination thereof.

                              It doesnt need to be that complicated. During the signup process, simply allow the officer to select a method of verification that they are most comfortable with. I think most importantly from the responses thus far a few methods will be needed.
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                                Most of the ideas here were goood. I dont feel comfortable faxing or photocopying my photo id or certificates. I work for a small department that has NO email so thats out, Maybe the send a letter to me at work and I can then email from home the password. Maybe just call and ask if P.O. Eman is working , I can email u with a schedule for the coming up month and u can call when Iam NOT there. I dont have business cards yet Maybe just a quick fax on company letterhead BUT that would technically involve the department as I would be using their PROPERTY and than anything I say here could get me in a jackpot.
                                Or just like most fakes {notice no WANNABE} will be weeded out, it gives us something fun to do.
                                I got nothing for now


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