Sometime in 2006 we MAY BE launching a "restricted" area, not just forum specific, but sitewide. This is not a definite, since as privacy concerns by agencies continue to rise, and the sheer impossibility of ensuring things are 100% verified, it may not even be possible.

That being said, as a law enforcement professional, what way(s) do you think your agency would "verify" your identity as an employee, officer, etc.

We'll be adding a slew of new law enforcement content beyond just news in the coming months and years, adding new staff including our new Editor in Chief, a veteran law enforcement officer and educator, to produce more news, more features, more training and educational opportunities like Webcasts and on demand events, and much, much more.

DO NOT POST your response here. Please click our userid to the left and PRIVATE MESSAGE US your response. Please be sure to include the name of or at least type of department/agency, which will be helpful in gauging the responses, needs, etc.

Thanks to all those who take part here every day. Given the sheer number of new users here every day just on the forums, and hundreds of thousands of unique users on the site as a whole every month, this is no small task, but hopefully you will have some ideas to make such a move much easier, should it happen.