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  • Say something or not?

    Another one of these what would you do threads.

    My part of town is staffed by 5 of us usually. We have one officer on my side of town who is a professional work dodger. (Oh and an FTO.. ironic). Two examples:

    On this day, he came into work late. I was given a call of a runaway cancel, in his area. (report has to be made). 1 minute later, another officer gets a motorist assist call (covering for another guys area). Officer Lazy gets on the radio, and disregards the guy going to the assist call, and bags me with his runaway report, ignoring the fact that we typically teach the practice of not bagging, esp. when its your call in the first place.

    Okay, I can deal with that. The other beef later that day was when he was ent to an apt for a standby while the compl. removed some of her things. He radios to "send another car to the entrance st and (name) street for an accident- car vs. motorcycle".

    We were all tied up on that side so someone from another part of town had to run lights/sirens to an injury accident. He stays ON his standby call, and then radios he is transporting the female several blocks away. Again, bagging the other officer with one of his calls (I got stuck with 5 reports that day, including two of his area). My beef here is that it seems an injury accident should be more important than some clothes grabbing.

    Our supervisors are oblivious to this sort of thing, so we are mostly left to gripe to ourselves. So should I say something to him about it? I dont like to bitch about stuff like this because I believe stuff usually equals out, but this was plain deliberate and negligent, in my book.

    Say something to him or just stfu? Whats the call?
    And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”- Romans 8:28

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    I would definitely say something. We have a guy in the area I work who tries to do stuff like that. I'm not one for saying something over the radio when I get dispatched to a call in someones elses beat when they arent busy,I hope they will answer up for it. But I will say something to them later if it becomes a regular thing.

    This guy I mentioned earlier did this to me a couple years ago. Working graveyard shift, two units on for the night. My partner and I take a call on this guys beat of a drunk female wandering in the road. We arrest her and have to take her to the hospital for booking clearance because she is all scraped up from falling. While at the hospital the other unit calls and says they are coming to stand by with the female because there is a accident call on our beat. The call was a DUI into the rear of a parked fire truck, possibly a fatal. Rather than argue about it in the hospital my partner and I tell him and his partner this is a bull$h1t deal and head out. SOP says if a unit is busy the other unit handles call no matter what beat its on. This is where it gets good.....We start driving to the scene and I call dispatch and ask her to call the on call Sgt at home (its 0230 hrs) and ask him if he wants to call out some of the Advanced AI folks to help me investigate this crash since it involved a fire dept vehicle. A few minutes later dispatch calls me back and says per the Sgt. return to the hospital and have the other unit go handle the crash since Mr. Wonderful was one of our AI gurus. He was thoroughly ****ed and hes never tried to stick me with a call since.
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      We had a guy that did that. I responded to a call in his zone one night, he pulled up as I did, and let me be primary. He finally left, and I did not have to worry about covering 2 zones.


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        That kind of stuff always got me while I was on patrol. I spend a lot of time checking responses by my officers now that I'm a supervisor. If there's a problem with someone doing that, it often times percolates under the surface for quite a while and then finally blows up into a major dispute. I try to nip that crap early.

        I've do the "we need to talk" routine, and explain the problem to the offending officer. Once done, I will step in when I hear that crap happening and redeploy officers as needed. We had one guy that would always seem to be a day late and a dollar short when responding to two-person calls. His attitude was that even if it was his area, if he showed up second, the first officer on scene got the report. It took a few radio messages from me to dispatch, telling them to "assign the case to ---; he will be the primary" before it dawned on him that's not the way we do business.

        It amazes me that officers won't mention those problems to their supervisor. I usually find out by listening to the "b1tching and moaning" or start hearing the new nickname for someone. By then, it's already an issue and there's bad feelings.
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          nice to know this happens everywhere, i would definetly say something, the supers know what is going on, some just dont want conflict,,i had my capt. do that to me one night, he caught a burglary in progress, called out on radio, i (2 yr patrolman) show up first backup,,he already had them cuffed, & he hands me the arrest,,so me being so smart, i write my report, capt saw this, capt said this, capt did this, i transported. well he got the subpoena, not me,,however, my reports got the **** dinged out of them for about two weeks, and life generally sucked,,but he never did to me again,,he has to others,,i think in a crazy sort of way he respected me for it,,we got along great after about a month. but i would definetly say something, if not it'll eat at you till you explode, then you get wrote up.


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            Must be work dodgers everywhere. YOU confronting him won't mean crap to him, he won't care. But maybe if someone higher up knows and confronts him maybe it will get through. Then again, in "my world" most of the higher ups know about the worthless, lazyapples and don't do diddly about it.


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              I Hate Sandbagging

              Definately say something.
              This Blue Falcon is screwing everyone that sits around him at roll call when he does this. You job is more difficult, more stressful, and you could bring this stress home because of it.
              Pull him aside and tell him how he is sandbagging and making other people do his work. Tell him you don't like how he is screwing everyone else by doing it, and make sure he understands that it is wrong and why it is wrong.
              If it doesn't stop, call him out on it at roll call, in front of everyone else.
              If it still doesn't stop, it might be time to involve a supervisor.


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                Handle it in a professional manner. Speak to him in private. If that doesnt help, consider speaking to him with a group of officer but be professional. If no results, go to a supervisor as a group.


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                  nothing to see here
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                    Originally posted by olnacl
                    I've also been known to say after getting a call "236 recieved, back enroute to 35 beat"

                    Of course this all done if the officer is not responsive to a chat about his habits.

                    I've found that if the officer is a good numbers generator (tickets, makes a lot of arrests no matter what the call load is) that the Sgts in my PD don't really care if the officer is dodging calls.
                    Heh. I've done that. Another day this week I got one in his beat when I had three others pending in mine. We can grab a call off of our MDTs and I grabbed mine to not get his. As soon as I did I got his on the radio, and said "clear on making XXs location prior".

                    He isnt overly impressive on any of the stats, other than sucking up to the Lt trying to be buddy buddy for a possible future swat opening. Thats the running joke anyways.
                    And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”- Romans 8:28


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                      Originally posted by Stan Switek
                      Handle it in a professional manner. Speak to him in private. If that doesnt help, consider speaking to him with a group of officer but be professional. If no results, go to a supervisor as a group.
                      Yeah that's exactly what I was going to say. Pull him aside and just be frank. Maybe he has a good reason. I wouldn't immediately make him get on the defensive though, you'll probably get a better response.

                      (then again, that's common sense )


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