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    Alright everyone, I am sure someone is gonna rip me for this or have something to say about it, but oh well, i made a promise and this is one of the ways i can think of to honor that promise. As we all know we are a part of a brotherhood that sometimes is seen in full force and other times not seen at all, and i am certain that if i ever met any of you without knowing its you and we came to the conclusions that we were both officers we would be greated with a handshake, a how ya doing and a whats it like working there. But i want to dedicate this thread to the officers known and not known who made the ulitmate sacrifice...i just feel that if they arent honored now even if they fell today or years ago, then what did they perish for?? For a brief time in my career i extradited fugitives and went to many many many jails across this country and more times than others there seemed to always be a dept that was wearing mourning bands. And you hear how the officer gave his life and even though you didnt know him or her personally your heart still hurt if not just a little bit. So here is my tribute and moment of rememberance for a couple officers i know...may thier sacrifice never be forgotten. I encourage any of you to list any of our fallen brothers and sisters here so they can all be honored.

    Dept. M Tucker WCSO
    Dept. P Owens WCSO
    Ofc. R. Thomas RPD
    Ofc. J Hawkins NOPD
    Ofc. D. Simmons NOPD
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    I know what you mean...It seems I'm wearing my mourning band for a period at least twice a month. It's a good reminder that some of us pay the ultimate sacrifice.
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      Think your right, a cops a cops and its a mans mans job we do or did.
      My contribution

      William Haskel Keith Del City Oklahoma 1965


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