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  • Going home again

    The guy that said this was wrong when it comes to those in law enforcement. Monday I had a chance to go back to the city where I was an officer so long ago when I retired under disability. Almost all the guys that I worked so closely with are gone now, retired. Some work part-time at the front desk taking written complaints as a job to suppliment their incomes and they are now the guys I worked the streets with. The others are all pretty much the Lt's, Captains, and even the Chief. Many of them came on either just before me, as in a year or so, or came on soon after I did and I trained or rode with most almost all of them. I didn't know how I would be accepted as so much has changed and I haven't kept in touch much. I was very pleased when I walked in to the Patrol Office and was immediately recognized by the two Captains and the secretary and greeted like a lost family member. They started escorting me around to all my old friends including the Chief and all recognized me right away calling me by my first name and expressing great pleasure in seeing me again. It was like old home week with quite a bit of good humored banter back and forth and the younger supervisors were all introduced to me and told of my service. I was truly honored that they remembered me so well and were happy to see me again. Our profession is really the greatest in the world where we share a large family all over the world. We have had the pleasure of watching the greatest movie on earth and not only have been lucky to take part in that show, we have all shared a starring role in it. Life is good and you can go back, if you were a cop.

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    I believe this as well. But, only as long as you get to work on time, do the job well, and pull your share of the load.
    If you won't stand behind our troops, PLEASE, feel free to stand in front of them.

    If you won't get an *** whoopin' with me, you're gonna get one from me---stolen



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