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  • Illegal Alliens

    I work for a city that is very close to Kansas City. There's an INS office in Kansas City and not very far to drive. A few nights ago, an officer pulled over a van with 4 mexican males who did not have any Id. After questioning, they admitted that they were in this country illegally. A call was made to INS and was advised that they would not be coming due to lack of manpower and not enough suspects in the vehicle. One night I stopped a van that had 19 packed in there. Once again I was advised not enough to bother with. Each time, we were advised to obtain there names and destination. What bothers me is an officer in Denver was killed by an illegal allien that had been stopped several times by police. Each time he was cited for driving w/o a license and released. Later he kills an officer. If he had been deported the first time, and arrested in this country again, he would have been jail. Why doesn't the INS get more tough about getting the ones that are caught. With everyone looking for Osama and his clan of marry men, we are forgetting the people who are just as dangerous. Illegal alliens who commit crimes, and go back to their country undetected. I'm not saying that all illegal alliens will commit a crime, but when they do, were do you think they are going to go. Why is it so hard for us to put them in jail for being in this country illegally, and have INS come and deport them. We extradite one person all across this country everyday. Why is it so hard for illegal alliens to be extradited to the mexican border.

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    Dont feel bad our departments policy is to not inquire about immigration status so they will fell more "trustful" of the police. INS does not give a **** about illegal aliens.


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      INS doesn't seem to do much as far as responding to cases with illegals. We snatched up a few one day, packed them into the back of a CVI, hauled them up to HQ only to have INS office say let em go. We even mentioned the safe house in the city next to ours where these guys said approx. 30 of them lived. "We're real busy," was the answer we got.
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        INS, ICE or what ever they are going by today is a joke. Ive had the same expereince with illegals. I had a safe house with 50+ inside. All the illegals were delivering herion in the neighborhood. INS was "too busy."

        I had another case involving a child molestor we thought INS may have our guy in custody. I wanted to verify this before they released the guy since now they seem to only deport squared away people with good jobs & famlies. I sent them the guys prints. We called INS every day for 2 weeks. Every day it was an excuse & no answer. They never did give us an answer. Worthless worthless worthless! We figured the guy was not in custody when he started calling the victims.

        I know the Border Patrol works hard along the border under some rugged conditions but not everyone in immigration shares the same work ethic. It's pretty sad.


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          This illegal alien problem is getting way out of hand. I am by no means a racist bigot, or try not to be. Like everywhere we are getting a large Hispanic population. Most of the time, our interaction with them is them acting like they do not understand us. They rarely have an ID. On a traffic stop, we ascertain that they do not understand English through the usual barrage of ways that we cops know, make sure they are not too drunk to drive, or have drugs, and just cut them loose. It bothers me that years ago, our ancestors come to our country legally, from Germany, Italy, Ireland, France and wherever else, took pride in learning the English language and American traditions, while still holding on to theirs. They came with the hopes of a better life for themselves and future generations. Now, these new 'immigrants' come to our country, usually illegally, and we are bending over backwards to change our ways so as to not inconvenience them to learn the English language. Everywhere you go now, Instructions or Directions are given in English and Spanish. I do not blame them for coming to America, the greatest country in the world...but dammit, learn our language, or go back home. Ok, off the soapbox, lower head, go on...............
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            One thing to consider, ICE (the successor to INS) is understaffed and underfunded at the present time. In interior areas where there is no Border Patrol, ICE is the only agency that can deal with immigration violators.

            In addition to immigration, ICE also handles all of the investigative work for customs. At the present time those guys pretty much only have the manpower to handle immigration cases that involve illegals that are serious criminals. A lot of times they aren't even able to round up those guys.

            Another thing to consider is that a large number of illegals are not Mexican. If they are not Mexican, they cannot be sent to mexico. They are also entitled by law to a hearing before an immigration judge. Since we have no detention space for them they are given papers with a court date and released. ABout 98% of the time they never show up.
            I am sure that the catch and release of nonmexicans might also be a reason why ICE won't respond to pick up run of the mill illegals in some areas. Where I am at we catch significantly more Non-Mexicans than we do Mexicans.

            Until the illegal immigration problem is taken seriously by our government and sufficient resources are devoted to addressing the problem, nothing is going to change.


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              In my case, my fellow officers & I speak pretty fluent spanish. The people involved were mexican nationals. I also find that with the influx of violent gangs from central ameaica, it is shamefull that ICE is not more vigilant in protecting the American people.


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                Originally posted by Stan Switek
                In my case, my fellow officers & I speak pretty fluent spanish. The people involved were mexican nationals. I also find that with the influx of violent gangs from central ameaica, it is shamefull that ICE is not more vigilant in protecting the American people.
                I completely agree with you, but I think that lack of manpower/resources is the reason they don't take action (at least in most cases).

                The situation with the central American gangs is terrible, but central Americans are just taking advantage of a loophole in the immigration laws. Now where our government drops the ball is by not enforcing the orders of deportation against people that we catch and release who never show up to their immigration hearings. There are literally millions of people in this countrywith outstanding orders of deportation, but it is doubtful that they will ever actually be picked up and removed.

                In reality though, a concerted effort to round up undocumented aliens in just a few major metro areas (say Houston, Atlanta, New York, D.C. area) could easily net arrests in the MILLIONS and comple overwhelm our system.

                I do wish something like that would be done though. I do think that our country should issue more visas to come here legally and work, but we can't afford to provide social services to people that aren't paying taxes. I think it is apalling that an undocumented alien can receive free medical care, but a U.S. citizen that works at a low-paying job without insurance gets the shaft. Also our country shouldn't have to pay the additional costs to police the streets of all of the violoent criminals that enter our country illegally.

                I think that unless attitudes change, nothing will change in terms of immigration policy.


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                  I meet dozens every day here, there are thousands of illegals countywide. Your situation is nothing new.
                  "You are always just one bad decision away from unemployment, prison or death."

                  "My profession dictates that I routinely confront the people that the average citizen fearfully crosses the street to avoid. Then I must endure the criticism of that citizen as he judges my actions from afar."



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                    Our jurisdiction (City) has an official policy that we do not look into a person's so called "legal" status. I'm beginning to believe that's the norm nationwide now. They've finally taken "illegal" out of illegal alien. What a joke.
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                      So what are we to do Pat, just say that ICE is too busy and let it slide and forgive them? They are not too busy to hassle those people that have come into the country legally and try to jump through the hoops they put in their way. I know a number of very good people who have tried to immigrate legally or get their papers properly so that they can get permanant employment, pay taxes, get credit to buy cars and houses etc but get frustrated at every turn by the ICE. The only reason I can see if they are trying to do it legally and they happen to be British or European, educated, healthy, and honest people. Now if they were uneducated, unskilled, diseased, criminals they get welcomed with open arms, unemployment and welfare checks and free education, scholorships and medical care. Sorry but I see a problem with this! Buy some more busses and ship their asses back to Mexico, Haiti, Cuba, Columbia, or wherever the hell they come from. If they got here by crossing the US/Mexician border, shove them back across that border and tell Mexico to send them back across the border they came into their country from. I cannot fault them much for coming to this country to improve upon their lives. I CAN and do fault our Government for not cracking down on them. Not only are they not cracking down, they are giving them more than our own citizens have!. I don't want to hear about thier rights either, they are not American citizens so how does anyone figure they have the rights that are guarenteed to us as citizens of the USA when they are not citizens? Sorry guys but this is screwed up big time. I remember well loading up illegals in San Ysedro and arressting the same damn ones more than once in a single night. I actually caught one guy FOUR times in ONE night! Each time he was taken to the Border Patrol station, processed and released back across the border just so he could return. There is a real problem here folks. They are some damn afraid that they will offend Mexico or these other countries for deporting these illegals, SO WHAT! Let them get offended! If they don't want to get offended then simply have them stop letting them cross their border into our country. Our nation became great based on immigration but the immigration was controlled and done legally, not just allowing anyone to cross our borders. Sorry guys, one of my sore spots.


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                        Oh, now I get it. ICE is just too busy to deal with illegal aliens. I wonder what would happen if city cops started telling people they were too busy to handle burgs, robberies, stolen vehicles ect? Only the feds could get away with that kind of crud.


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                          Oh boy, where do I begin. First off and most importantly, DO NOT confuse ICE or the former INS with the Border Patrol. We have our problems like anyone else but believe me when I say we are busting our asses under some pretty hard conditions to do what we can.

                          The problem we have with Mexicans is that we have a policy of voluntary return (VR). We give them the option to return to Mexico, no harm, no foul...see you in ten minutes vato. A VR is not a deportation nor does it give someone a criminal record. It is simply a matter of logistics, we do not have the resources to detain every Mexican that jumps the line. As a result, we have to get lucky every time, they have to get lucky once. Once they are in they are pretty much home free, they know it and we know it. In certain cases we will send a Mexican for removal proceedings and we do prosecute prior removals.

                          What is a removal? I'm glad you asked. A removal is what used to be known as a deportation. That is until 1996 when the terminology changed. Deportation is a harsh word that might hurt someones feelings. Now we remove you if your an illegal alien...no wait, I mean undocumented alien...no wait, still too harsh, present without admission...actually I think the term this week is undocumented worker. Hope I didn't offend anybody.

                          Now Other Than Mexican (OTM) aliens are a whole other issue. They get their day in court in front of an immigration judge. Problem is that many of them for a variety of reasons (which I will not get into) get released on their own recognizance with a promise to appear before the judge at a time and date to be determined. As Pat already stated, most don't show up.

                          ICE. What I am about to say is soley my personal opinion. To date every ICE agent I have dealt with has been a tool. I have yet to have a positive experience in dealing with this agency. Where I am now our relationship with ICE is openly hostile. It really ****es me off when I repeatedly hear that they refuse to do even the simplest of their duties.
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                            It works both ways. You know what its like to run the id of a guy coming into the U.S. and get a warrant hit out on hin for soem crime, lock him up in the cell and call the P.D. in the jurisdiction that issued the warrant and get told they can't afford to come get him, so turn him loose.

                            P.D. are only interested if we catch them in their jurisdiction. Adn even then, when we caught local criminals with warrants and who had probably violated a court order by crossing from Detroit to Windsor to gamble, you call the P.D. and they are too busy to come and get him. We can only hold them for a limited number of hours if they didn't violate any Customs or immigration laws. So too busy means they are back out on teh street, warrant or no warrant.

                            But yes, I was just as frustrated with the ICE officers. It is a real pain when you work with INS every day and then you catch someone who doesn't belong here, and you have to wait for an INS officer to come down from the office at the bridge to send the guy back because they don't staff the 24 hours a day at the Cargo Facility.

                            Many INS officers loved being able to send these people packing, but with the new trade agreements with canada and mexico, it is just that much harder for them to do their job.
                            Though their numbers are many, as the grass upon the field, we will count them at the end of the day.


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                              Originally posted by Stan Switek
                              Oh, now I get it. ICE is just too busy to deal with illegal aliens. I wonder what would happen if city cops started telling people they were too busy to handle burgs, robberies, stolen vehicles ect? Only the feds could get away with that kind of crud.
                              What if a city police force was way undermanned, and the mayor/city council decided that burglaries and robberies "weren't really a crime" and directed that resources would be devoted to stopping "real crimes"? I think that would be a better analogy in this case.

                              Right now ICE is posting job announcements for a bunch of special agent positions and deportation/removal positions. Hopefully they will actually fill these positions, and maybe things will improve somewhat.

                              I am not trying to make excuses for ICE, and I think their inaction is ridiculous. I just think the problem goes far beyond laziness of agents.


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