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    I thought one through once but didn't carry through with it because my buddy was newly married and was dating his wife at the time this all would have went down.

    It goes like this, both of us lived in the same area for about 2 years as I went away to school and he just finished school and was working security before getting hired with me at our dept.

    Anyways I was gonna have my 8 year old cousin at the time write all the smiley faces on the envelope, saying hi daddy...are u my daddy, draw pictures with him saying love you daddy etc. etc. Attached with the letter I was going to write this long drawn out letter about how he met me on a one night stand at a local bar and I got knocked up and our kid is five now. I then made it look like I had been tracking him for five years and just found him now.

    In addition, I was going to mail the letter from that city to make it look real and I had a bum phone number ( a friend of mine ) so that he could call, if he wanted to see his child. Plus I was going to have the letter mailed to him at the dept.

    See I owed him bad and was going to carry it out. However I guess there's some unwritten rule about practical jokes that might ruin marriages, so I had to be talked out of it. Still ****es me off because that would have been a classic.


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      There is an officer in our agency that religiously goes to the bathroom at 10:30PM every night he is on duty. The Captain (of all people) sprayed the toilet seat with OC spray and waited for him to come in.... needless to say there was one unhappy man the rest of the night


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        limburger cheese on the exhaust system.

        Jack the drive wheels just off the ground so there is no traction.
        Though their numbers are many, as the grass upon the field, we will count them at the end of the day.


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          Got a few, I will try to make this brief. Some are from the military, the rest the civilain agency I work for.

          Military- 1) ON our base we had a kennel that all of our k-9s were housed at when not on duty. It was located in an anrea that is not well known to new patrolman. Dispatchers would then call out a barking dog complaint at the kennel's address. Not only did it take a pretty long time for them to arrive, but when they did this caused all of the dogs in the kennel to bark due to the activity outside. It was great when they would call in arrival and all you would here is a dozen dogs barking in the background. 2) our watertower on base was always a great place to call patrolman for suicide calls. ON top of the tower was an older patrolman screaming about how he didnt want to live and was going to end it. When the target arrived and tried to talk him out of it a CPR dummy was trown form the tower. Seemed harsh, but funny none the less. 3) not very usable outside butstill damn funny. New troops would be told about motion sensors on the flightline. They were told by dispatch to do a sensor test by doing jumping jacks on a certain spot facing the tower. About two minutes into the "test" they were adviced by dispatch that they were clear for immediate departure. The best part of this was our flight line was under constant video survalence.

          Civilian. 1) Our detectives drive unmarked ford tauruses. ONe detective was the victim of this prank. Our vehicle fleet manager strategically placed the letters CLI in front of the model name. For those with an imagination you can figure this out. It was on his car for about a week. 2) a Brave sole placed several beer cans on the antenna of the chief's personnal car. Luckily he has a sense of humor. 3) our state had special plates for those who don not like to follow the law, they are called wiskey plated. This is because the first letter is a W and for the most part they are alcohol offenders. On a regulay basis these plates will wonder onto the personal vehicles of many officer. This has been done to the chief, detectives, and officers. Most of the time they figure out they are there after they are stopped by another agency for not having plates that belong to their vehicle.

          have fun, but be safe about it
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          "No you got the wrong number, this is 91....2"


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            Practical jokes don't always have to be loud, so to speak. I like the subtle ones too. For instance...

            Computer keyboards... the letters are just "popped" on. Take a small screwdriver and pop out the M and the N... then re-install them reversed. This will likely go undetected until someone types in a password. Have you ever noticed how everyone watches their fingers when they enter passwords? If they've used an M or N in their password, they'll hit the wrong letter... over and over...



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