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A new Pet peeve of mine


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  • A new Pet peeve of mine

    This labor day weekend we were short staffed with officers (imagine that) and everyone in my city was out getting hammered at the bars and parties.

    If you have been in policing any amount of time you know the joys of dealing with what I will call "the druken fight". You know the one I speak of....

    It is always between about 5-6 people and they push each other around awhile and throw the occasional haymaker. Its usually over someone bumping into someones girlfreind or someone "talking sh$$" as they say. Everyone is drunk as a skunk...

    You know you've stumbled on a good drunken fight when you have the following people involved. I have given them a label because the names will vary.

    The ****ed off guys - This is the guy who is staring at another guy with his fist clenched sometimes pointing angrily with his chest puffed out... usually saying "cmon" or "lets go" or something clever like that.

    Mouthy Guys - This guy started the whole thing now he is running his mouth off at everyone while he stands by his freind (****ed off guy) and is afraid to do anything

    The emotional girls - She is screaming in the background usually severly drunk crying over something with mascara streaking down her face. She will probably be calling someone on a cell phone...

    The peacemakers - He is always about explaining everything to everyone how the guy didnt mean to say something or how something was an accident, he is very vocal... this role can be a female to, they usually end up involved in the fight though...

    The Laugher - The guy standing in the background who has watched the whole thing happen and finds the incident to be very entertaining and amusing.

    The "he is ok" guy - Once you show up this guy grabs the ****ed off guys telling you he will take him away and not to worry.

    feel free to add a player here.


    I found myself stumbling on a few of these this weekend while driving by several of our bars. Everytime you see one you get out and go running up to them and get people seperated and make sure mouthy guy keeps his mouth closed as they walk away, and ****ed off guy does not tear someones head off. As soon as that one guy (mouthy guy) says enough to go to jail and you approach him to do so, "he is ok" guy grabs him... "he is ok officer, he is ok, I got him, we are going!"

    Backup is across the city usually dealing with a different "drunken fight" so you cant arrest all the idiots.

    I got so tired of dealing with them this weekend... Dont these people know the best way to start a fight is just to end it right away. With a swift punch to the other guys nose as hard as you can. Dont stand around puffing insults like a clucking chicken then get clocked!

    kids these days... and I am 26

    Retired 02/01/13

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    Always drive to a bar fight with the lights and siren blaring, while observing the speed limit and all other traffic laws. The idiots will probably have left, or punched themselves out by the time you get there.

    If the fight is still going when you get there, I use what I call the "Acid Rain" tactic. I stand back about 8 feet, then spray my OC over the scrum, allowing to to waft down like a gentle drizzle. Fight over.
    Talk sense to a fool, and he will call you foolish - Euripides


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      Hey BigCop. When I was young and healthy and bulletproof I used to race to the barfights and wade right in. As I got older and wiser I found like Delta that if you take your time and let them beat the hell out of each other it saves on the wear and tear of uniforms and your body. The winner of the fight is all wore out and you can take his butt without too much effort and the loser is just damn glad you are there. Trust me, you will pay for all these fights you got in as a youngster.


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        Last edited by Tattoo'd Angel; 05-30-2005, 12:37 PM. Reason: forgot I was in the squad room :(
        STFU! Another great suggestion from the same mind that brought you "Kiss my butt" and "Leave me alone"

        Why not?


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          The "I don't understanders"

          The "I don't understanders" - usually young women that standing around the fringles of the fight. They get OC cross-contaminated once the spray let losse. They then run around for a good hour or two until they find a McDonalds to rinse off in. At some point later in the evening they usually beak off to the first cop they see, about the [email protected]#$ing nasty cop that pepper sprayed them!

          The patient and truely caring officer attempts to explain them the reason for the OC deployment to which the usual response is - I don't understand why he picked on me!

          Sad by true, I once had a cop friend say the same thing to me once!!! He was CS gased during the stanely cup riots in Vancouver. I guess he thought for some unknown reason that the gas could tell the difference between an off-duty cop casually watching a riot from outside the bar he was drinking in, and 50,000 rioting hockey fans... Jez, I just don't understand.. hahaha DOH!!! or I guess should be OUCH!


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            Originally posted by Delta784
            Always drive to a bar fight with the lights and siren blaring, while observing the speed limit and all other traffic laws. The idiots will probably have left, or punched themselves out by the time you get there.

            If the fight is still going when you get there, I use what I call the "Acid Rain" tactic. I stand back about 8 feet, then spray my OC over the scrum, allowing to to waft down like a gentle drizzle. Fight over.
            Amen to that!!!!!!

            A buddy and I forgot that important rule of responding to bar fights a few weeks back by automatically blacking out and coming in from the alley, as we do with all our other calls...had ourselves in a cluster with about 15 people and backup a few minutes out.

            Sometimes you need a little reminder in safe tactics, and why the stealth approach is usually the worst for a bar fight.


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              My favorite part about bar fights is when you arive and realize the fight has ended, six drunks are sitting around with ripped clothes, blood all over, and with cuts on thier knuckles.

              Me- (sarcasm) - "You boys having a good time?"

              Them- "Yep."

              Me- "Been fighting?"

              Them- "Nope"

              Me- "Anyone want to press charges or need an ambulance?"

              Them- "For what?"

              Me- "Have a good night"

              The joys.

              The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on.-Ulysses S. Grant


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                Yup the DA's around here won't even prosecute for disorderly conduct (which mutual combat falls under). Just two dumbasses fighting it out.
                Illegitimi non carborundum - Don't let the bastards grind you down.


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                  I recognise those characters, bigcop97.
                  Same people, different accents.


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                    You left out one important player...

                    The "I wanna be the Police bouncer"

                    They usually make any situation worse than it really is, and beat the ever loving Dog$hit out of somebody.

                    And when you get there all they do is drop names of people THEY know on the department, so I can be impressed.


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                      I hate bar fights. For some ungodly reason some moron here decided it'd be a great idea to open up a club that's two-fold... part thug club with ghetto-booty-licious music and part redneck club with two-steppin' and line dancing. Needless to say, it keeps us busy most Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.


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                        Always keep one of these around for the bar fight,



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                          Originally posted by bigcop97
                          This labor day weekend...
                          It was Memorial Day, hero.
                          Aggression will save you when caution won't.
                          -Kent Anderson


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                            Consider yourselves lucky, I get about 125,000 extra drunks in my district every Memorial Day weekend for the Coca-Cola 600.

                            You forgot the "I'll be good" guy: The one that makes the mistake of bucking up to the officers and ends up face first on the asphalt. Usually soon after taking the 50,000 volts or tasting the sweet taste of gravel the start with the mantra..."I'll be good...I promise I'll be good...I'm sorry...I'll be good" and so on.

                            You see these guys a lot in the jail after they decide they want to play bad-*** with the jailers. Not a good idea there Mr. "I'll be good".

                            Okay, just how big were those two beers sir?


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                              what about the sucker punch guy- ----- after you got the guy that lookes like he could ripe up a light pole and beat you with it is in cuffs this drunk or better yet not drunk guy runs up talking all kinda smack and before you can get your hands on him he sucker punches the guy right in the back of head.
                              It's better to be tried by 12..... Than carried by 6!


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