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Your worst on-duty car accident?


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  • Your worst on-duty car accident?

    I know a lot of us end up in wrecks due to the time we spend on the road. What's the worst accident you've ever been in?

    Mine happened in the summer of 2003. A drunk driver literally jumped a grassy median, rolled into my lane of travel, and hit me almost head on. His SUV was partially airborne when he hit me and rolled over the hood and A-post of my Crown Vic (which only had about 10,000 miles on it at the time ). The SUV then rolled into the median before coming to a rest. I was doing about 40 at the time of impact and completely stopped in about a foot. The drunk was ejected and after I managed to extracate myself from my car, I had to attend to him. He had two badly broken legs (nice compound fractures, it breaks my heart ). I escaped with a 3 inch gash on my elbow and glass cuts everywhere. Of course I was also VERY sore for a few days. I was back at work in about 10 days. Click here and then click on the Wreck album to see photos: Accident photos
    By the way, notice my license plate. I still have it on the wall above my computer to remind me of how quickly things can happen.

    Okay, just how big were those two beers sir?

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    Just.. wow.


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      Ouch. Glad you're OK.
      I've had 2 or 3 torpedoed out from under me over the years, but nothing that bad.


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        Tore entire nose off car. Battery was smashed flat but light bar still worked.
        Minor injuries and no one else hurt


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          During a chase of car jacking subject I put my Crown Vic thru an apartment wall. The subject was driving a Ford Expedition and I chased them into an Apartment complex coming into Macon Ga.. As we entered the complex the Expedition jumped the curb as I went around and up the drive way. The Subjects jumped out and the Expedition then struck the Passenger's side of vehicle and then pushed my Crown Vic thru a wall. I must have been going somewhere between 30 mph and 40 mph when I had the collision. The Push bar on the front of my Crown Vic was pushed into the engine block. The Front corner panels were overlapping the front doors by a few inches, I had to fight to exit my vehilce to chase the SOBs. I was lucky, I had bumps and bruises and a nasty air bag burn on both arms but was okay. I did not have a camera in my vehicle, but one of the vehicle behind me did. The crah was something else when I watched it on video. I know I was lucky to not have been hurt worse.
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            I was an FTO "training" a new officer. Unfortunately, we sailed through a stop sign and got wailed on my side just ahead of my door. I was helpless to stop it, though I tried. Sucks when you have no control in the passenger seat. I went to the hospital with a bump on the head. No big deal, I was fine.
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              Yeah as an FTO I often times wish I had one of those passenger side brake pedals like in the old driver's ed cars.

              The airbag burned me pretty bad too, the sides and bottoms of my arms looked like red leather for a few weeks. One perculiar thing about my wreck is that I can remember the sounds more than I remember the sights. I remember it being so loud that for about 15 seconds all I could hear was a ringing sound. A truck driver that witnessed my accident immediately went to my car and asked me if I was okay. I remember seeing him talking but couldn't hear what he was saying. After I shook the cobwebs I did the old head to toe check. You know....my head is still on...I can move my arms...my guts aren't sticking out...my meat and taters feel fine...both legs moving......I lived!

              Of course somebody is always out there to outdo me. About a year later, another Officer in our department was answering a call about a possible trooper down. He entered a sharp curve pretty fast and evidently swerved to miss a pedestrian. He lost control, went up in the grass, struck a large light pole, flipped onto the roof of his car and slid about one hundred feet. He was out for a few weeks (he had a rookie in the passenger seat that was fine) but he escaped with fairly minor injuries.

              Also as an aside, the guy that hit me had been involved in two prior accidents involving alcohol (he was 22 years old). All he got was a slap on the wrist in one of those accidents and he wasn't even remorseful about hitting me. So I did what any red blooded american does these days...I sued his ***. Needless to say, they didn't want this case in front of a jury so they settled out of court. Goodbye school loans, credit card debt, and hello new computer, engagement ring for my girlfriend, and some cash left over. The sad part about it is both him and his parents still tried to justify his actions, they still didn't get the seriousness of it all. I'm afraid that the next time the moron will kill somebody, but what else can we do?

              Okay, just how big were those two beers sir?


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                The worst 'car' wreck was just driving down a four lane wide road with a center trun lane. A lady pulled out from the other side through a stop sign and literlayy chased me all the way to the crub and up onto the sidewalk to hit me! Tore the heck out of the front of my unit and while I didn't get hurt at all my patner who was a female rookie slammed into the windshield pretty hard and had to go to the ER. ONly thing happened to me was I tried to block he with my arm when I yelled out watch out and the force of her going forward felt like it tore my arm out of socket for a moment. No injuries to the other driver who was just felony stupid driving. A female Vietnamese and just didn't need to be driving here yet.
                We won't talk about the worse wreck on my motor as it takes way too much time and was way to nasty. Damn near killed me.


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                  Oct.,1, 1984, a lady fell asleep and jumped the grassy median. She took out the from tire of my motor, which then turned into a catapult, that send me flying over her car and landed 50 feet down the road. 3 fractures to my left leg, my right wrist was completely shattered, and all my bottom teeth were knocked out. Lucky there was an ambulance one block away, and I was 3 blocks from a hospital. 18 weeks in a wheel chair and two years desk duty.


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                    My one and only accident while on Duty was not so bad fortunately. It was this February, I believe, in the middle of a snowstorm. I was responding to a motor vehicle accident (irony at it's finest) in the left lane of a 4 lane roadway. I was only going about 40 in a 50 since it was very slippery out. As I'm coming up to a curve I watch a car coming the opposite direction start to spin out and then start sliding sideways down both lanes in the wrong direction.....just the direction I was going. It all seemed to happen in slow motion, and right about then my brain when "$hit why didn't you put your seatbelt on?!?!" Luckily I was able to maneuver around her vehicle by going over in the oncoming lanes, I wasn't able to clear it completely though and our bumpers hit spinning my unit around and finally coming to rest on the wrong side of the road. I thought my Sgt. was gonna shoot me when I called out over the radio that I was just involved in an accident. Luckily when he got there and saw it was not my fault at all and damage was minimal all was good.


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                      Wow, your lucky to be alive. I rolled a patrol car once. I wasn't hurt really bad , just a little air bag burn. My story is no where near as exciting as yours.

                      By the way nice farms tan on the pic of your arm
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                        Hey, hey..no poking fun at the farmer's tan . You see all the red marks that look like ugly zits. Those are all places where I had glass embedded in me. Both arms, my neck, down the back of my vest (don't know how), and parts of my face were peppered with glass. It took me over a week to get it all out. All you can do is take hot showers and hope you can see enough of the glass to pluck it out. Otherwise it's just a waiting game until your skin works it out.

                        Somebody mentioned the seat belt. I have always wore my seat belt, people even laugh at me because I put it on in the back seat also. But I'm walking proof that they can save you ***. You think I would have survived that without a seat belt? No way in my opinion. I see guys at the department that wear their vest every day, but won't put a seat belt on. Makes no sense to me, your chances of being in an accident are probably 100 times greater than being shot. Look at www.odmp.net - most of the line of duty deaths these days are auto accidents.

                        Okay, just how big were those two beers sir?


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                          I see guys at the department that wear their vest every day, but won't put a seat belt on. Makes no sense to me, your chances of being in an accident are probably 100 times greater than being shot.
                          I'm guilty of this. While I wear my seatbelt all the time in my personal car I very rarely do while on duty. With all the getting in and out of the vehicle I do wearing the seatbelt is too much of a hassle. The few times I have worn it I've gotten to a call and tried to get out of my car in a hurry only to realize "hey I'm stuck here...wtf??" That and the fact that it gets caught up in my duty belt leads me to not wearing my seatbelt.

                          I sometimes question that though as I'm driving 95-100 mph to a hot call on the other end of town that's like 15 miles away.


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                            January 2001, milepost 114 on US56 in Ford County Kansas, it had snowed heavily the previous day and night, I was east bound when I lost control on a mixture of ice and snow, crossed the west bound lane facing west but going east at approximately 20 MPH, slid off the north side of the road, hit the edge of an underpass, the car flipped 180 degrees on its long axis and dropped 12 feet, landing on its roof. The first thing I remember after coming to rest was looking out of the drivers side window and seeing some guy running across the sky toward me yelling "officer, officer are you all right?"
                            never forget: www.odmp.org

                            "In peace time our best still don battledress and lay their lives on the line"


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                              Hey Kump i was there that night on clinton road we were all joking about how intact your car looked after going through the wall.that was one of the first times i had seen the go rhino push bumpers.i was pretty impressed!
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