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  • Dispatch Alert Tones

    Can anyone tell me what they use for their alert tones for dispatching calls for service and how you use them? If you could attach them that would be great too.

    Do you have tones for certain types of calls (i.e in progress )
    Do you have a tone while the radio is being held for emergency traffic, and any other kinds of tones you use.

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    Tone are used for crimes in progress, officer needs assistance(not the routine backup request) and to wake sleeping officers on the mids(J/King).
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      The only "tones" we use in this Division are to notify our dispatcher that we want to talk to them; we hear it at our end, as does the dispatcher, who also gets a light on their console showing which repeater tower the tone came in on. The dipatcher then turns on the repeater and calls us back.
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        We have tones for BOLO's, and when we make the air 10-3 (emergency traffic only), or to wake that officer who is not listening.
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          We use tones for high priority calls (shootings,robberies etc) and before giving BOLOs. We also have a tone that goes off every minute when traffic on the channel is being held for a officer. They also use tones if an officer doesnt answer his radio after they call a couple of times.


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            Can anyone get some of these tones in a .wav or .mp3 and post them in the forum ?

            Id like to hear , and possible share them with our dispatch, as we are looking at some changes and improvements we can make.


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              Search for online police scanners on the interent and you will be able to hear these "tones".



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                We have 3 tones for dispatching calls, and a beeping for holding the air for emergency traffic (10-3). One tone is 3 beeps, this is for an emergency in progress dispatch- shootings, stabbings, adw, robberies, and carjackings. Then a single extended beep for upgrading lower priority calls to emergency calls. Such as a unit is enroute to a shots heard call, and we get another call that it's a good shooting. The third tone is a high low beep-Officer down tone.
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                  I use 3 different kinds of tones.

                  The first almost doesn't count, but scannerland hears it, so... it is the FCC identification tones that go out every 1/2 hr or so. It is not something I control, but something that is automatic.

                  The second is the "holding the air" tone which is a single beep once every 10 seconds or however long I set it.

                  The third is the general tones... I push a button, and the tones go off as long as I want them to. I use them to get the attention of a sleeping officer.
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                    We have numerous tones. They are:

                    1. Marker: this is a tone which goes off every 10 seconds and lasts about 1 second. It is a simple "beep" which is used to signify a channel restricted to emergency traffic only. Usually done for pursuits (foot and car), an officer requesting emergency back-up, gun calls, etc.
                    2. Alert: this is a tone similiar to a fast pitched hi-lo siren. This lasts about 3 seconds or however long the dispatcher holds the button. This is used to indicate a radio/MDC alarm, hold up alarms, man with gun/knife, shots fired with confirmed shooter(s), or similiar types of calls.
                    3. AED Tone: this is an elongated "beep" which lasts about two seconds and is used over the main EMS channels and Police channels to indicate when a Fire/EMS unit has been dispatched to a PNB call. This is used to get the attention of any units who may be close with an AED to assist.
                    4. An "attention" tone: this is used when there is no emergent need for a response but an officer is not answering his radio. This is typically done preceding another call to that officer or preceding a commo check of all units checked into the CAD at that time. Again, this tone is an elongated "beep" lasting two seconds.
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                      We generally do not use tones except for city wide alerts. These are not that often but when they do happen they scare the crap out of you with that loud beeping, and it's usually nothing exciting.


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                        Kool. Great ideas .

                        Now for another question .
                        Does you agency have any procedures or policies for how you are suppose to use/talk on the radio.
                        We all know of the Mr and Mrs Microphones of the world, those who like to hear themselves talk. Our agency doesnt have anything written, it has just been handed down and taught over the years, bad habits and all. We are looking at trying to streamline our dispatch process, and looking for others that have actual written policies.


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                          I'd be more than happy to help, Agent, if you'd like to PM with specific questions.
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