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What non-issued equipment do you recommend?


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  • What non-issued equipment do you recommend?

    Recently got hired on in a sworn position, start my field training next Monday (been doing administrative and shadowing with the different units since last Monday). I have received a few tips on some items that are not issued, that others feel are a must, and would love some more input from others. Obviously your area and department will have a lot to do with it, but some general insight would be appreciated it. So far I have:

    - Extra cuff keys and including longer ones
    - Double cuff pouch and extra cuffs
    - Backup flashlight
    - Seat organizer
    - Meal replacement bars
    - Bottled water (for dehydration and OC decon)
    - Pocket knife

    Any other items that you would be lost without?

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    EMS will do your OC Decon hopefully. At the pd I have a bottle of Johnson and johnsons no tears shampoo for me if it happens. Clip board and something to hold ur citations in. I have extra flashlights and batteries in my patrol bag on the front seat. One side pocket of my patrol bag has tums, Tylenol, Advil, DayQuil, pepto, and all that stuff including band-aids.

    Also invest in a tournequet or two and an IFAK kit. I like North American rescues stuff. I carry extra mags and ammo in my bag too.

    Don't forget snacks never ever forget snacks.


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      Depends on of they issue it or not. Ours doesnt so,

      Rain slicker, nothing sucks worse than pulling up on a accident and realizing yours is at home and its pouring down.
      Blanket for the trunk because you never know who might need to to be covered up by one .Everyone that goes in the back seat thats naked wont look like a model and you wont want to see them in the rear view.


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        Depends on where you are, your shift & your assignment. I was shift 3 in a beat car in a city. I didn't need much more but extra rounds, extra handcuffs, spare flashlight, red lens for the light or red light stick, a tire valve tool ( deflate suspects tires without damaging them if necessary) & that was pretty much it. I could think of a dozen more things you COULD load up on but that would take a whole extra gear bag.


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          Always have a box of nitrile gloves in your car along with hand sanitizer. I also keep a towel comes in handy if your outside sweating your butt off or get rained on.
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            Originally posted by JDCOP View Post
            Always have a box of nitrile gloves in your car along with hand sanitizer. I also keep a towel comes in handy if your outside sweating your butt off or get rained on.
            *** wipes are a must.


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              A throwdown

              and a Leatherman or similar multi tool.

              And hemorrhoid cream for dealing with supervisors.
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                I carried and discarded a lot of gadgets over the course of my career. Among those that stayed were:
                • Forceps. Good for picking up small or nasty things, un-jamming printers, retrieving a driver license that slips between the console and seat.
                • A big knife. Sometimes, around here, we have to leave the pavement and make our own trail.
                • Work gloves, for when you don't want to mess up your "tactical" ones.
                • Duct tape.'Nuf said.
                • A 25' tape measure. Use for diagramming scenes, as a scale in photos.
                • A 6' length of sash cord. Improvised dog leash, ties doors open or shut, hobbles prisoners.
                • A small parabolic mirror. Useful for looking over, under, and around without exposing yourself.
                • A multi-tool


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                  -Go to Lowes and buy a tarp large enough to cover your back and/or front passenger seat. They're cheap, maybe $9. These are great for when you snag that DUI that has zero bladder control. It's easier to throw away the tarp and buy another than it is to clean the seats in most cases.

                  -I had a dry erase board that I velcro'd onto my MDC, so that when the MDC was closed I could take notes on it.

                  -Jumper cables. I'm surprised we weren't issued these with the # of people I helped out just by giving them a jump.

                  Good luck with your field training!
                  Chesterfield County Police


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                    Anti-diarrhea medicine, tums, pepto, and some type of headache reliever stays on tap in my patrol bag.

                    I can't think of anything else I think of as "essential" that hasn't already been mentioned.


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                      Guys are mentioning things like sash cord for hobbles, jumper cables, etc. & it got me to remembering----- some things you need to be careful of as if they're used & the citizen complains you could be liable as it wasn't issued. If that's the case your dept. doesn't have to support you in the lawsuit. I'd check with some veterans & get their take on some of this stuff.
                      we've had people sue the dept for jump starting their car or helping get into it after they were locked out claiming we damaged some electrical part. as a result we don't that stuff anymore--- a bad PR move but it saves on lawsuits.


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                        Someone mentioned tums, and such.

                        In my patrol bag I have medicine for headaches, stomach problems, cough drops, congestion medicine, and chap stick. It is my own personal little medicine cabinet that when I feel like crap I can dig into.

                        Also, put together a little "go bag" some people call them active shooter bags. Mine has tourniquet, Israeli bandage, gauze, quickclot, and other things I might use to save myself or another officer. It also has two spare pistol magazines, and two spare AR magazines. I have it in my larger patrol bag so that if I need to get out of my car quick I can grab it and go.

                        A decent pair of binoculars will serve you well, mine are not super high dollar but I can read a license plate from about 200 yards with them when I steady them on the steering wheel. They have helped me make several cases.


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                          Hand sanitizer.


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                            depends on where you work, in a large city, you'll need less 'survival' gear then you would if you're by yourself in the sticks.

                            I keep it simple:
                            plastic gloves ( get them from ems), skel gel, $7 knife, extra flashlight, zip loc bags & envelopes for controlled substances, phone charger, bandaids for boo-boos, extra pens, extra cuffs

                            I leave my grappling hook, rapelling gear, my jetpack, my bat-cape, machete, ar15, nbc suit at home for when I play Call of Duty.


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                              Our policy says no jumping from patrol vehicles at all...


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