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    On January 23, 1995 I started my career in law enforcement with the Baltimore County Police Department. After a few years, with a short stint with Howard County PD I wound up in Florida. As I look back, some of the time seems like yesterday while the rest seems like a another lifetime. There's quite a bit I wish I could share just to get it out of my head and there's a bit that I'd love to share because I had so much fun; and there's quite a bit I wish I could forget. Between the calls where I felt I made a difference and the deaths we all have witnessed, or at least documented, there's a books worth of stories.

    I've loved my job and hated it; more than once, both at the same time. I truly feel for those rookies starting today. The times we live in are vastly different than 20 years ago. I know the veterans told me the same thing as a new cop, but this may be the worst its been since the 70's. But I digress; I pray for the rookies, that you learn your craft well, because it is a craft; an apprenticeship where experience counts and pays off. And I'm happy for those of you who have retired or are very close. You've survived your time, you've served your community and the Republic and I hope you will enjoy your much deserved rest.

    Tonight I'm reminded of the benchmark events; my first call for service on my own. It was a 911 hang up where a little boy had recently learned how to call for help and tried it out when daddy wasn't looking. I actually put my 8 point cap on just to be safe (kinda made me feel old school at the time). Then there's the homicides, suicides, child abuse calls and the other evils that men do. I was fortunate in a way to start off in a busy or rough area; you really learned police work answering calls for service in a precinct like that. But what also comes with that is the loss and frustration. The first LODD, the first time a perp walks, the first kid or abused wife you can't help, and the LODD when you're the sergeant....and on and on. I'm sure I'm not telling anyone here anything new. And trust me, I know this is my venting method and not a preaching moment....

    It's been a good run and I can't imagine doing anything else, but despite the veterans advice, the academy instructors lessons and my FTOs, I never imagined I'd be here now, looking back and remembering what I'm remembering.

    I'm going to stop short of offering unsolicited advice to the new cops, simply because I just don't know what you'll be facing soon. Just be careful and plan for your future (sorry, couldn't help myself). To those who've made it to retirement or are very close; congratulations! Enjoy retirement.

    I've got a few more years left but they'll be spent in an administrative position, supporting those doing the real police work. My goal will be guiding and protecting them as best I can and providing an environment with good morale and opportunities.

    God bless the peacemakers and long live the Republic.
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    I was born and raised in good ole' Baltimore County. Was an Explorer there too, out of Towson. I never worked there as a sworn police officer, instead taking a job with a municipal department in Harford County. I've only been in a short 8.5yrs, mostly patrol, but did a stint as a School Resource Officer and now in CID as a Narcotics Detective.

    Best of luck to you!
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      And to you brother....


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        I could have written that myself. I started to hate the job and went at 20. I do wonder what draws the 20 something's to law enforcement now but the old timers probably wondered the same about me back then. To the hopefuls go for it and make the best of it. The pension made it all worth while and I can survive with just that alone if I have to.
        Funny, I applied to Howard County and got to the verbal board and was not processed further, which worked out as I got to stay in NY.


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          With varying dates, years and specifics, I too, could have written your post...................

          I "escaped" 4 years ago but came back to another agency in a uniformed non sworn position and am now working on my 39th year in the profession....................................I just made a post on another forum about how I want my former co-workers to continue contributing to the retirement fund so I can continue to get the outrageous amount of money for staying home from work.

          Enjoy the remainder of your career------------
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            I can still remember my first call I responded to with my FTO way back in October of 1992.
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              what was it?


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                Enjoy retirement.

                Be happy you were able to get out at 20.


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                  CONGRATS, BROTHER!YOU'RE NOW OFF "DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION"! The rest of the time is your's. You did your thing, now lead even more by example. Show the young guys, laugh WITH them, learn the new things they now know and remember what it was like to look at the old guy behind the desk. When I retired I decided to do the Reserve "thing" so I still hang with them & learn but it's great to know there's still guys like yourself that I can talk to & rely on back in the office that know & understand as I do. You're still a huge asset despite what your younger bosses may suggest--enjoy the next phase!


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