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  • New York Safe Act

    Could any of my New York brothers or sisters in blue help me out? I am a Federal Agent moving to NY State and I own an M4. I have read conflicting information regarding this law. Does anyone know if I will run into a problem when I get to NYS? I understand that all Assault Weapons needed to be purchased before January 2013 and registered with the state before April 2014.

    Obviously because I am an out of state resident, would I run into a problem when I arrive and go to register this weapon?

    Thanks in advance,


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    A few questions: Is the weapon used on your job? Does your agency qualify you in its use? Did you purchase the weapon prior to January 2013? I refer you to the New York State Penal Law Sections 265.00 22 e & f (definition of assault weapons) 25 (definition of law enforcement officer) and Sections 400.00 16 a & a-1 (registration requirements). Without knowing more about you and your situation I would not attempt to give a definitive answer.


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      As an active Federal, State or Local LEO you "SHOULD" be ok, even if not trained or authorized by your agency. That said, Dino's answer fits well here. Let me suggest you call the NYSP "Safe Act" hotline number for their view. HOWEVER, be forewarned, document the answers to the questions you ask them, as they may differ the next time you call...Trust Me.
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        Originally posted by 1911user View Post
        . HOWEVER, be forewarned, document the answers to the questions you ask them, as they may differ the next time you call...Trust Me.
        n other words----------the answer is WHO KNOWS

        Well the DA the files charges will be the one that knows----after he does.

        I am mostly JOKING
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          To the OP,

          Dude..if you don't advertise the gun, then no one will ever know...it really is as simple as that.

          There are a lot of cops in NYS who own guns that are deemed 'illegal' under the BS Safe Act.....TRUST me.

          What's the old adage in law enforcement? "Stay below the radar, and you stay out of trouble"...it's the same premise here.


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            The people that wrote the law and those that signed it don't even know. The only way any one will ever know is if someone becomes a test case and a judge has to decipher it.


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