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A News Story - June, 2016


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  • A News Story - June, 2016

    Dateline: June 26, 2016 PNN News Desk

    Authorities world-wide are again telling residents to not leave their homes after dark, and tourists to stay in their hotels at night, only traveling to tourists destinations in large groups with appropriate armed police protection during the days. In recent months, terrorist sleeper cell operatives have gunned down hundreds if not thousands of people during a world wide offensive against all not of their religion. Assault on government buildings and officials has been on the rise since the attacks in Paris beginning in January of 2015 and continuing through the end of 2015 with increases in 2016.

    Many believe the current three year offensive began when the attitude of the media and many liberal American citizens shifted in late 2014 and early 2015 against local police after the killing of several so-called “unarmed” attackers, even though full and complete investigations into those events showed local law enforcement were justified. As many have observed, the initial elimination of proactive policing in the early months of 2015 in the American big cities spread to most of the U.S. is a cause. The police chiefs groups in the U.S. attribute the change to a lack of support by the citizens for their law enforcement officers which began in late 2014.

    Crime rates in the medium and large American cities are believed to be a direct effect of the 60% to 85% drop in arrests. With so-called “stop and risk” programs being banned, first in New York city, and then spreading across the country, many believe those not contacted by the police go on to commit violent crimes unchecked.

    While denied by the Modern Progressive Party (MPP) leaders, law enforcement groups have indicated the exodus of career law enforcement from the profession, and the attitude of many citizens, has resulted in the lowering of standards for the hiring of police officers and has resulted in the loss of fifty years of increased professionalism in law enforcement. As John Doe, the president of the United Law Enforcement Officers Association said, “Well trained and professional police officers are leaving the profession by the thousands in the face of massively increased hostility by their government entities and the public, and now the only applicants for the jobs are people with less education and questionable backgrounds” “The federalization of law enforcement in several major cities has resulted in even less safety for our citizens”

    Other groups have told U.S. citizens to take steps on their own to protect themselves and their families. In early June of 2016, a group representing many local neighborhood citizen protection groups advised people to not leave their homes after dark and to always have one family member awake and on watch for armed intruders. After the property values of homes in the larger cities fell to almost nothing during the latter part of 2015, thousands of inner city residents have abandoned their homes and now live in rural parts of the country where the law enforcement effort is still viable. The MPP now call for martial law and dusk to dawn curfews throughout the country as the only way to gain ground on the roving packs of armed individuals who now control most of the big cities. As one pundit put it, “George Orwell was right on, he was just a little off on the timing”.
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    "Nothing can destroy a government more quickly than its failure to observe its own laws, or worse, its disregard of the charter of its own existence" (Mr. Justice Stewart, Elkins v. United States 364 U.S. 206 (1960)


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    are you a time traveler?
    The lack of balls and the ever growing "liability based policing"being adopted slowly by LEAs is ruining this great Country and "handcuffing", if you will, this profession.
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    "Are you referring to the secret headquarters of a fictional crime fighter or penal complex slang for a-$$hole, anus or rectum?"

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      ^^^ This

      The New York Daily News reported that 2 Gunmen in Paris were killed. They were anything but "Gunmen" Howabout we call them what they are and what they stood for? Tired of this sh--

      There are no stupid questions, but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots.


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        Nice job LawyerCop. I believe we might read that article in 2016. I can't predict the future but four years ago I had a feeling about how things were going and decided to bail out and retire.
        You can already see the reduced requirements for being hired in some agencies. Turbins, dreadlocks, beards oh my! I wish everyone on the job or starting the job good luck and may you all go home at the end of your shift. And if I may, I hope all terrorist scum die a painful death and go to hell before they can hurt anyone.


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