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Looking for assistance in finding real videos to be used as training aids


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  • Looking for assistance in finding real videos to be used as training aids

    I will be giving a speech in a few weeks and I am looking for assistance in finding some videos that I can incorporate into my presentation. I am looking for videos that show excellent non-verbal clues prior to foot pursuits, shootings and assaults (such as hands in pockets, verbal defiance, looking over the shoulder prior to running, patting a pocket where a gun or weapon may be.) I am looking for real videos that are either dash cam or from body cameras. Any links would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    Watch 2 or 3 seasons of COPS.......................

    Really, they have more foot chases than I have ever been in or seen
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      You should be able to find just about anything on either YouTube or Bing. Just do a search for police foot chase. If you can't download the videos go to ant.com and download the browser plug in. That will allow you to download the videos to use for your presentation.

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        Even though some of the content is old, that website has some of the best material. Our department has a login for when we teach at the academy, but I believe it is relatively expensive. I would check to see if yours does as well.
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          get on some police websites like Amigo stated...policeone.com has some.
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            YouTube has some good ones. I still can not believe rookies get sucker punch. Really when someone balls up their fist, a blow is coming.


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