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Best rain gear?


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  • Best rain gear?

    I'm looking for El Niño season rain gear. For those of you unaware, that is the once-every-few-years weather system Southern Kalifornia gets that brings a lot of rain. and Mudslides.

    Anyhow, the cheap vinyl crap my agency issues as rain gear is hardly worth the effort. I'm looking for reasonably priced gear that will do the job, comfortably, fit with duty gear on, and allow me to do the job (whether it's traffic collisions, perimeter standing, whatever).

    Suggestions, advice, and/or insight from the brethren and sistren who work in more rain-soaked parts?

    I checked West Marine and REI's websites. Right now I'm leaning toward one of these three:



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    All of those look good to me. The below link shows what we're issued.


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      Military "ECWCS" gear, rain shell.

      eBay, surplus stores, etc.
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        I got one of those Galls jobbies with the pull out ID placards... warm and hasn't let me down through Hurricane/SS Sandy and the gambit of rainstorms we've had here. It has a hood that stows in the collar when not needed.

        My issued Blauer really sucks... it keeps rain off of you but eventually sucks up so much rain that it gets absolutely SOAKED.

        My department also issues those reversible black/neon "safety" green jobbies. They are a LOT better than the Blauer.
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          There is no agency ID on it but I love the Frog Toggs and I've worn them on duty. They even have a tuck away hood that rolls up into a zipper around the collar. Light weight and very dry. I even have a set to ride the motor with.

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