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    Anybody on here use Evidence.Com for their digital evidence storage? If so, any reviews about it?

    For those that don't know it's a Taser company/affiliate that allows an agency to subscribe and pay a monthly fee which allows officers to upload digital evidence to their servers.

    I use an HD body camera where I upload about 25GB of HD footage to our agency servers every few days and our IT guy isn't happy about it so I am looking at alternatives of where I can store it.

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    We use it for our Taser Axon Flex cameras. You can set-up accounts for your CA/DA to burn their own videos. I am a little uncertain how secure it is however. Can someone obtain access on the taser side, etc??

    We haven't had any issues with it though.
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      What about an external hard drive? (Unlike evidence.com it'd be "buy once cry once")

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        How much resolution do you really need? I got a similar whine from my IT guy. Solved it by dialing down the resolution on our cameras.


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          Just tested it out recently as our agency is considering different vendors for the cameras. The uploads, videos, website, etc all worked fine. Pros and cons I guess like anything else but like mentioned above, I too wonder how secure it really is. Not only could anyone from Taser choose to access/view the videos whenever they wanted (my opinion, not 100% proven or known).... But I wonder if someone who wanted to get in to the website with enough knowledge would be able to figure it out. It's all stored on servers...
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