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Use of Force Incident (Sorry for long post up front)


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  • Use of Force Incident (Sorry for long post up front)

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    I'd go have a chat with your lieutenant.
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      What he said^^^^. The ball is in his court because you've put the monkey on his back. However, tread lightly because by going to him you might start something you might regret


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          Originally posted by DOA-DOL-DOJ-DHS
          I will chime in on this. I have been in your situation. First, the camera recordings are only an issue, if and when an incident is reported. So, if the sgt. Says no incident, no one is looking at the camera footage.
          2nd, street police work and corrections are 2 different animals and not even on the same kingdom. What you do and report in a correctional setting is not always the same depth as in patrol.
          3rd, as someone else said, go talk to the lieutenant, but be prepared.
          4th, never never never would I post a real incident. I would use, possibly, hypothetically speaking, etc. Internet posts come back to haunt people and open cans of worms.
          5th and finally, why do you oppose writing the way your superior tells you? You would not be lying. You would be leaving out some details, but not lying.
          And don't mix, your personal hurt feelings (sgt not asking if you're hurt) , with the real facts of the reporting.
          Good luck.
          Btw, 30 years when I had my incident, I was eventually cleared, but a terrible taste was left in my mouth for what others perceive and report, when it came time to my reporting.
          NEVER would I submit a false report.

          #1 Cameras are OFTEN reviewed by administrative staff who are looking for something to do

          #2 While police and corrections are different they are similar enough that many experiences intertwine

          #3 Agree go talk to the lieutenant

          #4 Probably agree

          #5 I would refuse to submit a report that was not true and correct as to what I did or saw during an incident. It's MY CAREER that worries me, not someone elses.

          #6 The subject has already accused you of striking him and injuring him during the arrest------there IS GOING to be an investigation. Don't lie, don't omit.

          I have been in federal court situations where I was the defendant enough times to appreciate a DETAILED well written (written at the time of the incident --not 3 yrs later in court) report to not only explain my actions AND REASONS for them .

          Just my opinion based on MY experiences
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            Originally posted by DOA-DOL-DOJ-DHS
            No one is sayng to lie. We don't know why the sgt. Did not want that portion included. Perhaps the OP, was not suppose to be there? We can play 2nd guessing all day long.
            YEP, we can...............but I will NEVER omit anything from an official report. If I did or saw something I will include it in my report.
            My new word for the day is FOCUS, when someone irritates you tell them to FOCUS


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              I've got to ask, is your Sergeant someone who has spent a lot of time on administrative assignments and is new to field work?
              Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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                I really hate when people delete sh it. It's not like I can't find it if I search Internet archives. Just makes it a pita.
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