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Texas LEOs - tint on windshield question


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  • Texas LEOs - tint on windshield question


    I am thinking about putting a tint called Llumar Ceramic Air 80 Blue on the windshield of wife's SUV.

    It is basically clear, based on the research I have done on it. See image from another forum (not my car...) :

    With that said, the Texas law appears to call this type of stuff "sunscreening devices" and appears to say they are legal, if they meet the following:

    Sunscreening devices can be applied to the windshield if all of the conditions below are met.

    Sunscreening devices must be applied above the AS-1 line. If there is no AS-1 line, sunscreening devices must end five inches below the top of the windshield.
    Sunscreening devices may not be red, amber, or blue in color.
    Sunscreening devices, when measured in combination with the original glass, must have a light transmittance value of 25% or more.
    Sunscreening devices, when measured in combination with the original glass, must have a luminous reflectance value of 25% or less.
    A clear (un-tinted) UV film is allowed anywhere on the front windshield without a medical exemption being required.
    Can anyone tell me if wifey is gonna be stopped/cited if this is installed. DFW area vehicle. Based on my research, tint color is not "blue" per se more of a grayish, and almost clear.

    Soccer mom SUV, new and clean. Not a dropped candy apple Chrysler 300 with rims and no front plate...

    Thanks for any info you can provide
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