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  • Currently playing on the car stereo?

    Good morning, looking for ideas on new podcasts/good pandora/spotify channels to listen to. We don't have radio stations here (rural county) so it's all what you bring to the "office". Plus it's kind of interesting to see what everyone likes to listen to.

    Podcasts I'm currently listening to:
    Steve Austin Show
    Adam and Dr. Drew Show
    Joe Rogan Show (not often, but sometimes)
    Dr. Drew Show

    Anyone else? I know some like the LA guys don't have car stereo's, but maybe stuff you listen to on your own time....

    Stay safe

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    The Clash - "I Fought the Law and the Law Won"

    Play on a loop, windows down, max volume.


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      My car radio nearly never is turned on when I am driving..............The wife listens & the grandson uses a IPOD but I could care less

      My work car's radio is not functioning and I haven't bothered to get it fixed
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        Nash Fm or the Mets when baseball is in season.


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          Since my town is in a crap spot for reception, even for satellite radio, I usually listen to 98 Rock, 106.5, or CDs.
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            None of you guys have Bluetooth for the iPhone?


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              We are not allowed to possess personal phones while on duty...so it's our local fm rock station for me, or the game.
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                That's pretty strict. I just leave my phone in the car and Bluetooth it to the stereo. I pick a playlist and leave it running.


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                  I used to do that, now they inspect our squads/gear while we are off duty. Not worth getting a write up.
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                    Damn. In my county, we are encouraged to have our phones to keep certain conversations off the air.
                    Anyway, last time I was in the car it was a call to prayer followed by hits of the eighties. Never can tell what it will be from day to day around here. I have been riding the bike to work lately, so whatever rotates through on the ipod.


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                      We are issued shift phones to keep radio traffic to a minimum
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                        Only sergeants and the primary patrol units get issued work phones. Our manual specifically states that radio is the primary method for communicating.


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                          Several years ago I invested in an Audible account and audiobook player. I just finished a book on TE Lawrence and WWI in the Middle East. Now listening to Rick Atkinson's "Liberation Trilogy", a history of WWII in Western Europe.


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                            Much like you, we are a rural area and radio stations are pretty terrible out here...unless you like mariachi bands.

                            I have everything saved to my MDT and I run the Zune software to manage it all. Run it with a 3.5mm audio cable from my MDT dock to the aux input on the tahoe stereo. this also makes all of my copsync returns play through the car stereo which is neat.... I guess.

                            podcasts: history of rome, science friday, BBC global news, and a few classical music podcasts.

                            Music: mostly 70s, 80's rock, lots of 80's hair bands, classical, some modern stuff but most of the stuff from "my generation" pretty much sucks.

                            audio books: brief history of time, art of war, lord of the rings series, and a few more.
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