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  • Small dept. schedules

    My command has only 13 lines and we currently work 5 on, 2 off. Is it possible to create a 10 or 12 hr day with only 13 lines? If anyone knows how or works for a small dept that has something other than a 5 on, 2 off. please chime in.

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    We are a 12 man dept (were 13 until Thursday) and we work 12's. Adam team works Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday this week and Baker works Wednesday, Thursday. Next week, they flip. Our Chief and Inv work Mon-Fri 0800-0430, and I worked 0900-1730 when I was the traffic unit. Since one guy left, I am back on a normal shift. We have a Sgt, Cpl, and Ofc on days, then a Cpl and Ofc on nights (way less busy at night). Personally, I think the Sgt should work a split shift, but that's just me.
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        From the city’s point of view 4/10s are going to be out because taking that third day off will cause your coverage levels to effectively be cut by 20%. Granted you will be working the same number of hours, but that will occur when you overlap shifts for brief periods. All the mayor and city council will see are the hours in between the overlaps when staffing is 20% less than before because everyone is taking a third day off.

        Assuming all 13 people will be on it, 3/12s will work but you will need to run stable shifts. If you are one of those agencies where everyone rotates from shift to shift every couple of weeks or month, rotation will throw a monkey wrench into the mess. You are going to have to coordinate your hours with the FLSA Public Safety work week and establish a reasonable pattern in your day off matrix to maximize personnel availability and meet your staffing needs without screwing your officers.

        It will take some discipline and perhaps a change in how personnel are scheduled and bid for days off, but it can be done.
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          We are a four man dpt. I have several sample schedules I made (and that we are trying out). If you want I can email them to you (pm me your email).

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