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  • Off Duty Officer Safety

    I work and live in a very busy metropolitan area, and today while at work, I found out that I was the victim of a burglary. I got a call from my roommate and another officer that a burglary was committed at my house and that my roommates gun safe with 3 firearms and 10 watches were stolen. He also lost a brand new bulletproof vest. I later found out that my Nikon DSLR was stolen from my room.

    I live in a pretty high end apartment in the safe part of town. I live on the third floor and always considered my apartment building to be crime free. I found out that it was very untrue today. We came home to the front door unlocked and our bedroom doors open. Coincidentally enough, the apartment building had hired window washers to clean the windows. Since my front door is always locked, I'm assuming they used their large ladders to come onto the balcony and enter through an unlocked rear sliding glass window. I always thought it was a far fetch to suspect that someone would come in through that way. I thought wrong. Hopefully some investigation will lead to some suspects and a conviction in the future.

    My question to fellow officers is this...how do you prepare for an incident like this? do you feel safe at home? Without turning your home into a fortress (besides locking your doors), do you have additional safety measures? Any other recommendations?

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    I cut a deal with someone from ADT to install an alarm in my home on his own time. We did a swap of some items for the install. I live at the beach where there has been an ongoing trespassing issue with beachgoers, so the alarm system is complemented by a video security system from Costco that connects to the internet for instant access.
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      Not so much for me but for my wife- when we built our home I installed a keyed door knob/deadbolt on our bedroom door. Since I work nights this gives her a few extra seconds to access my off-duty firearms if needed. We live in a very nice area with a relatively low crime rate but it gives her some piece of mind. We have several keys hidden throughout the house and I always make sure she knows its me coming through the door!
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        My home IS a "fortress". I've got a gun safe that is reinforced AND secured in such a way that it WILL take a lot of time and effort to breach. Not only does the safe weigh a lot, it is also bolted down and reinforced. I have an alarm system as well as a surveillance system. If anyone who's not authorized to be on my property, I WILL know about it.

        As for your place, you really should lock your patio door despite being on the 3rd floor. NEVER assume that your place is "inaccessible". Lock the door AND use a wooden dowel or some other type of secondary locking device.

        All of your firearms and valuables (cameras, fishing equipment, etc.) that have serial numbers should be photographed, cataloged and accounted for, with copies of the records stored both on AND off property. If you own your home, you should have homeowner's insurance to cover losses. If you're renting, purchase adequate renter's insurance. Your landlord's policy most likely won't protect you.

        Let me know if you need any more info.
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          If you don't lock your stuff up, then don't be surprised when someone takes you stuff.


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            Inside job. It was the roommate!
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              4 dogs...............the smallest one is 60 lbs.
              I really want to be home and watching when someone breaks in.
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                Originally posted by HI629 View Post
                My home IS a "fortress". I've got a gun safe that is reinforced AND secured in such a way that it WILL take a lot of time and effort to breach. Not only does the safe weigh a lot, it is also bolted down and reinforced. I have an alarm system as well as a surveillance system. If anyone who's not authorized to be on my property, I WILL know about it.
                All of the above, plus trying to obtain a building permit for a crocodile stocked moat.


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                  My front door and rear basement doors are coded, you must punch in the code to access my house. Inside, all of my firearms are secured on different floors in different areas (so my guns aren't in the same place), but I know where they are in the event I need quick access to them. I also have 3 dogs. They are not aggressive (not that any burglar would know), but they are as loud as all get-up! Plus, living where I work, my neighborhood is patrolled 24/7 by my fellow co-workers.
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                    Renters insurance and a door devil for the front door. Other than that I record serial numbers and photograph all my important stuff as mentioned above. Apartments suck, if someone wants in they'll get in.
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                      When I lived in an apt, I made it clear to the management office that under no circumstances was anyone to enter the residence for maintenance issues or whatever. At all times they were to call if they needed to enter and I would then authorize whether it was ok or not. That way, I could track who was entering my residence or not, when I wasn't home. And alot of times the maintenance guys were terrified to do the knock and announce and enter unless they personally talked to me on the phone because I made it very very clear that if they entered my residence unannounced or startled me out my sleep, I couldn't guarantee their safety...


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