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14 years in and 11 more to go.....


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    I personally wouldn't want to do any job where I had to "tuff it out". Life's too short for that.


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      Copper8675309, I would HIGHLY endorse the previous suggestions that you look for a transfer from Patrol / General Duties to a specialized / focused Unit, if available and you are qualified or able to become so.

      How about:
      - Traffic;
      - plain-clothes;
      - School Resource Officer ?

      I was on uniformed General Duties from May 1976 to August 1993, then I physically transferred to a new location and went to a Highway Patrol position. I was always interested in traffic enforcement, mainly impaired driving, so this was GREAT for the first month or so, but that Unit was merely a sub-Unit of the GD Detachment, so I soon got weighed-down again with investigative files, plus being an assistant supervisor.

      By late August 2001, I was paper-transferred back to HP, which soon became Traffic Services, and while I was NOT a big fan of Radar, at least it freed me up from minor domestics, on-call and other assigned files. By December 2007, my TS Unit became focused on Impaired Driving, Seat Belt, Intersection Control, Aggressive / Other High Risk, Criminal Interdiction and Unsafe Speed violations, which was very interesting, to me, to target.

      If all else fails, MAYBE you have to patch-over to another Agency, IF you can stand the economic / income "hit" that may entail (difference in benefits, salary, seniority, leave / holiday length / choice and pension vesting, as well as any home sale / acquisition related and moving expenses).
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      "Smile" - no!


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        [QUOTE=Copper8675309;3274792]Been on patrol for 14 years, longer than anyone in my department, maybe it's time for a change, I do not know. I just can't sit behind a desk, have to be out in the street, will tuff it out. With my sick and vacation time, I should be able to leave a little early.[/QUOTE

        With the majority behind you, take the chance on something new...maybe off the street is the next best move.....maybe "the street" is causing your burnout. I was told as a rookie you should move every 5 years to avoid burnout; 'course that was a large agency, not everyone has that option...as stated above, try a new assignment or promotion if you can. You're almost to that downhill stage....


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          BTW, I've got 18 on and due to changing agencies (and states) have 11 to go....I can relate


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            I'm a little late on this one, but I was in the same situation. I worked for a federal agency and quit with a total of 19 years in (more if you count my military time) to go contracting overseas. It was one of the best things I've ever done. I feel like a new man, I'm recharged and start my new job with another agency next month. I'm ready to going back to work and I'm looking forward to the next ten years I have to work towards retirement instead of dreading them.

            Will your current department allow you to take a leave of absence? If so, consider taking one for a year. You can always go overseas with Dyncorp for a year or try something completely different like starting a business, going to school, or just working somewhere else for a year to see how it works for you. Depending upon your skill sets, there are a lot of jobs up in North Dakota right now which pay a lot.


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              I'm not to far behind you in years! And yes I feel a little burned out sometimes with day to day calls. It's a little different because i've been a shift supervisor for the past 3 years. But I still take a good bit of calls. Sometimes when I get a call I feel like, "OMG anotheeerrrrrrrrr DOMESTIC, when does it END, GURRRRRR"! But then I think of how lucky I am to be where I am especially when I know of people trying to be in LE who cant get in the door.
              I could put in for a 'special unit' like traffic, k9, SRO, or warrants. But I would have to give up rank and some pay. And its harder to get rank if you want to stay in a special unit.
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                In dept's like mine, there's a lot of politics to just change positions. The last thing we can say in a interview is "I need a change", as that will assure you won't be picked for that position.
                Work harder! Millions on welfare depend on you...


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                  There is a lot of good advice above. I can only add that I could only take seventeen years and it was time for me to go. It was good for me and I have no regrets. There is life outside the fish bowl. Good luck and stay because you want to, not because you feel its an obligation...."you'll remember the job until the day you die but the job will forget you the second your butt steps away from it." A freind told me that a long time ago and man was he right! Good luck.
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                  Originally posted by Country_Jim
                  ... Thus far, I am rooting for the zombies.


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                    Langford PR has a great point. Some places require reaching a certain age and not just 20, 25 or 30 years.

                    I agree 100% the job will forget you the Monday after you retire. It is part of the culture.


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