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No announcement yet. does your agency handle them, if at all?


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  • does your agency handle them, if at all?

    A couple of my off-duty officers attend the Town Trustees' meeting last night. Some resident we've never heard of, ends up laying a $2500 check on the Trustees, for them to donate in their name, not his, to a memorial project for our town's, one-time resident, WWII Medal of Honor recipient. He then approaches one of my officers and says he'd like to help out the PD.

    This morning, I'm staring at his name and address when guess who walks into the office and we spent about an hour B/S'ing....yes, the prospective benefactor. "What do you need, chief?" My heart swells and I say, "Lot's of stuff, BUT we need to do it correctly without even the..." And he finishes my sentence, "...the appearance of impropriety!"

    So, I ask you guys, if it's ever happened to you, what do you do with such generous offers of cash?
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    He can either buy equipment and donate it, or he can donate the money to the village with the proviso that it be used in a certain way. Does you village have a solicitor to write things up all legal like?


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      My agency's K9 program is funded by a foundation grant and public donations. The monies go into a designated fund in the city budget. The foundation was quite specific about how its money was to be spent. So long as we stick to the plan and keep good records, they're happy.


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        I wonder how the Arizona dept, Phoenix I think handled it when actor David Spade gave them 100k for the purchase of assault weapons for the officers...
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          Don't know............................we have to beg, borrow & steal funding for our K9 program.....

          We are having a golf fundraiser this weekend
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            Keith, I'll PM you...
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              I know that citizens within our community have purchased equipment for the department in the past. They gift the item to the department and write it off on their taxes. The department is very diligent about making sure everything stays above board in these situations.
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