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  • Seriously, WTF!!!!!

    LONDON — A Scotland Yard firearms squad was called in to shoot a dog dead after it mauled five police officers during a raid.

    One officer is facing having to have skin grafts on his body after the pit bull-type animal went beserk as its owner was arrested.

    All five constables were taken to hospital with leg and hand wounds as chaos ensued during a morning swoop in Newham, east London.

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    A dog unit and CO19 Specialist Firearms Command were called to contain and shoot dead the animal while bloodied officers arrested the suspect, in his 20s, for grievous bodily harm and kidnapping.

    Four of the officers were said to be in a serious but stable condition. The remaining officer suffered minor injuries.

    Police said the raid was part of Operation Big Wing, a major Scotland Yard purge on wanted suspects

    Can you believe these officers ran away while their fellow officer was being mauled. Can you say cowards? Even if they are not armed, don't get me going on that issue, grab something like an ASP and beat that dog off him. God im p#$$#* off.

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    Don't get me started on unarmed police.
    I yell "PIKACHU" before I tase someone.


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      Originally posted by Rudy8116 View Post
      Don't get me started on unarmed police.
      From what I saw in the video they all have two arms...

      Buh duh cha!

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        Just me,I saw a vehicle with an open trunk,throw the dog in,close the latch on his neck and have a few buddies jump in to help like trying to close an overstuffed suitcase.
        Sleeping Giant. They're not fat and happy anymore. They are hungry and increasingly angry. That is not a good recipe for a "Puppies and Rainbows America".


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          Wow, None of them even try to help him. One even jumps on a wall to get away, seriously?!
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            It's not a lion with nasty claws gees. Another officer could have grab it's neck and sat on it... Game over. Blue falcon pansies


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              What ****es me off more is the guy screaming "help, get him off me"!! while he fellow officers hide and watch.


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                Firearms or not, that should have been resolved. As for what to do if you're armed with a firearm? The job is not a call to be bitten.
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                  Serving felony warrants without a gun??? Not me!
                  The DA/SA handgun: A NAZI solution to a problem that didn't exist!


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                    If that were me, once I got better, I'd get a stick and go whoop the *** of every sissy that ran away.


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