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  • Clueless Candidates...your story:

    PD is hiring.

    One of the first thing the candidate asked was long would he have to wait for a promotion and that he only wanted to work the day shift...lolz. Sad part is that this was a college educated guy who'd completed a FT police academy. His entitlement attitude was as if he'd be doing the PD a favor by taking job.
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    I'm am not at all surprised to hear this. The sense of 'entitlement' has reached new heights with some of these applicants. I remember 20 years ago telling my future Chief I would work whenever and wherever he wanted me to, because I wanted to be a cop.

    On a different note, we had one guy show up 15 minutes late for orientation dressed jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing like trying to make a good impression.


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      I also like it when they can ask how much sick leave they can use.


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        A few years back I had an intern assigned to me. I can appreciate having a good intern or rider with me. It is fun to chat with someone who is sincere in their interest of the job.

        This intern assigned to me was not one of them. She had already tested for our department as she was doing her internship. Her interview was near the end of the internship. She was riding with me right before the interview and she was telling me her approach. She told me how she was going to approach the interview. I was stunned. I did not show my game face because I really wanted to see if she was that stupid.

        She told me when the Sheriff asks her why he should hire her, her response was going to be; "Sheriff, why should I agree to let you hire me? What do you have to offer me?"

        I told her to let me know how that works out for her. I don't think it worked out well. I have not seen her since.
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          One of the girls in my academy showed up late and in a hoodie to her interview and somehow passed. Shockingly, she didn't make it through the academy.


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            Had a girl in my academy show-up to her required ride-along (as part of a project) wearing "short-shorts" and a tank-top. It didn't go over very well and academy instructors got a call. She passed but has yet to find a job (1 year latter).

            I also saw a guy show-up to testing with one dept wearing a sexually explicit t-shirt, oddly enough, he didn't pass.
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              Had a guy show up for an interview with my last SO in some jacked up looking "cowboy" shirt with bolo tie, slacks, and cowboy boots. Yeah, we might be rural but not that rural. Everyone else there was in at least a shirt and tie and most in jackets with tie. Sheriff asked him why he had opted to dress like that and he stated (while chomping on bubble gum), "This is XXXXXXX County, why should I dress up for a place like this?" Guess who didn't get the job....?


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                While not a candidate, nor during an interview, I had this trainee………………..

                All posts are required to do a security check at the beginning of the shift. These are to be HAND WRITTEN, not typed. EVERYONE is instructed in this procedure during the first day of training at each post.

                Keep in mind at the time I am working as the senior Lieutenant at my institution…..and actuly the 2nd senior supervisor…………..4 of the 6 captains have less seniority than I did. One of my duties was to check the security checks for problems. This involves visually checking and reading approximately 50 of them each day.

                One day I found this one to be typed. I put a note on it and sent it back to the officer who submitted it. This officer was done with initial training and was doing an extended training (working 2 days a week at the Officer in Charge of the particular area) I worked a different shift and didn’t see the officer unless I came in early.

                The next week, I again found a typed check…………………and put a note on it , & sent it back to the officer via another supervisor.

                The NEXT week it was again typed. The next day I came in early. I had the officer come to my office and Asked him what he didn’t understand about hand writing the check. He told me that he thought it looked more professional typed. I again asked how he was trained to do it. He said it didn’t matter, because it looked better typed.

                When he left my office he understood ------just how much I cared (and how much the big boss cared) about his opinion on how it looked. The funny part was the look on the shift captain’s face when I I was “explaining”. I might add I rarely lose my temper t the point that others realize I am pizzed. This was one of those times.
                Originally posted by BrickCop View Post
                PD is hiring.

                One of the first thing the candidate asked was long would he have to wait for a promotion and that he only wanted to work the day shift...lolz. Sad part is that this was a college educated guy who'd completed a FT police academy. His entitlement attitude was as if he'd be doing the PD a favor by taking job.
                The promotion thing.........................I have found that many of the ex military guys are expecting regular promotions on a 2-3 yr schedule... They can make Sgt in 3-5 yrs in the military and expect it from us.

                I had to explain the numbers and turnover difference to many when they couldn't understand why it wasn't going to happen ........


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                  Had an probationary officer on night shift try to pick up a rattlesnake because someone told her that they did not bite at night…

                  She found out that yes they do bite at night after all……
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                    A polygrapher I spoke with at my old department said a guy showed up for his pre employment polygraph and answered "When was the last time you used marijuana?" with "20 minutes ago in the parking lot because I was nervous."

                    Another guy confessed in his employment polygraph to murder. The good news? He did get to spend the rest of his career around folks with badges....


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                      Originally posted by So Fla Cop
                      That is my favorite shirt and bolo tie.
                      Bet you don't wear it to an job interview or court... .


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                        Originally posted by Bearcat357 View Post
                        Bet you don't wear it to an job interview or court... .
                        1042 Trooper might!


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                          Originally posted by Iowa #1603 View Post
                          1042 Trooper might!
                          Good point...but he's fat and retired he can get away with that....


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                            Originally posted by So Fla Cop
                            Only when I drive 120 MPH in the rain to catch a phantom...
                            No phantom...we all know who the car belonged to....and who is supporting the Trooper in the media....and who is not supporting their Officer....


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                              This thread is killin' me.

                              I'm a small town chief with a few good stories to tell. Perhaps, if we're still interested in a few years, I'll get to tell the stories.

                              Must leave now, must not post....must not....arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!
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