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  • Bomb tech training....

    My department is looking to train bomb techs; does anyone know where this training takes place? What does your department use for bomb tech training?


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    A guy on my shift got sent to it once, and it seems like he talked about going to Alabama. Could've been Mississippi or Georgia, but it seemed like it was over there. Beforehand, he got sent to a hazmat tech school as a prereq. Interestingly, he was offered a drug task force job (a sort of independent organization) and quit midway through training to do that.


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        I think everyone goes to Redstone............


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          Originally posted by Iowa #1603 View Post
          I think everyone goes to Redstone............
          Yeap.... FBI Haz Device School.....


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            I’m confused, your department wants to train bomb tech’s, as in offer a class on the subject?. HDS or Hazardous Device School at Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville AL train's bomb techs (currently 6 week program) and you can only go to HDS if you are attached to a recognized bomb squad.
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              We want to send a small number of our officers out to training.


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                This may be something your dept. could consider, but it's expensive..

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                  Thanks for all the replies; it gives me a good place to start. Be safe.


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                    Just so you understand, Redstone requires some hoops to go through. You just don't "send" cops to the school.
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                      your agency would have to 'apply' to the FBI to be 'granted' a squad. Other than that you can't just start a squad, unless your agency wants to send guys to the Canadian school, which costs about $25,000 per person.


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                        You also can not start an agency unit anymore and get accredited. They are only approving "regional" type units now.
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                          We are a regional thing. My department covers an area about the size of Oregon, and only 2 of the 9 posts there are accessible by road (and one of those is only accessible in the winter).


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                            Jakflak, I don't know how it is now, I retired in '94, but we, (APD EOD) covered the Slope. If no Civilian LE EOD then the military does it.

                            LIke I said, that was 17 years ago.


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                              We'll usually call the Troopers for help; they're in Fairbanks and Kotzebue and can normally respond in a matter of hours. However, we've already had a couple of 'incidents' with the pipeline so we feel we need to have someone on slope capable of handling it. 700 miles is a long ways for a quick response.


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