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    Hey all,

    I am looking for some input on shift schedules preferably for the smaller depts. I am with a 15 man police force which is currently running on 8hrs shifts. A couple of us are interested in attempting to introduce a 10hr shift schedule that would give everyone 3 days off per week.

    If anyone is currently on a smaller dept that is running 10hr shifts pm me please with some input.

    Much appriciated.


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    My dept (10 ppl) wanted to go to 10 hr shifts, but it wasn't practical for us. We ended up going to 12's and get 3 day weekends every other week. Our county PD does 10's but they have 8 shifts and work 5 on, 4 off, plus have a supplemental shift. For us to go to 10's, we would have to have had to do over lapping shifts, which the money crucher's wouldn't allow. Our shifts would have been 0600-1600, 1200-2200, 2000-0600, with double stacked shifts every so often so everyone could get their hours.
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      I've done them all in my nearly 2 decades of patrol work. In my opinion, four 10's is clearly the best overall shift. They all have advantages/disadvantages, but that's my take. Good luck.


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        I work for a large agency, but we're spread statewide, so our station only has about 20-25 guy on patrol for a large area. We work 12 hour shifts, and work 7 out of every 14 days; 2 on, 2 off, 3 on, 2 off, 2 on, 3 off. The station is split into 2 platoons, who always work together and theirs not much interaction between us, except at shift change on the days the platoons switch on/off duty. (For example Platoon 1 would work Mon-Tues, and Platoon 2 is off Mon-Tues). Within the platoons, you have your day, night, and flex shift guys. Our shifts are 0700-1900 (1 shift), 1900-0700 (2 shift) and a noon-midnight (flex). The schedule is pretty good, and it seems to allow enough coverage, and for the most part you're not screwed if a guy bangs in sick or is out on vacation. We get alot of days off, but the the 12 hour shifts are brutal. Hope that helps.
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          You would probably have to do 12's as mentioned above. My first LEO job was with a Dept the size you describe. We were able to work 12's and keep 24/7 coverage. Our shifts were 0600 - 1800 and 1800 - 0600 which makes for a long day or night. The payoff is every other Fri/Sat/Sun off.
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            My department is about the same size as your department, we have 16 sworn officers. 12 of those work patrol as an assignment. We do 9 hour days with 5 on and 3 off so our days off rotate. It allows for an hour overlap at the beginning and end of all shifts so its cuts down on OT. The only negative is with our pay periods, some we have 72 hours and some we have 90. We worked out a solution with the city clerk so all was good. PM me if you want details.



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