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    I have been thinking about getting something like the Veho Muvi to record stuff like SFST to look at while writing my report. We have in car cameras, but it is a PITA to get the video in time to write a good report.

    Is anyone using a camera similiar to this?

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    Yes. Good cam. Great quality. Very quick to get it on without looking at it.

    Only downside is it requires a special kit to use in the rain, etc. Of course I've not see one that doesn't so......


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      Yes. I use one of the Veho clones. It works very well
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        I was looking for one because we have no squad cams and most our contacts aren't near the squad. I saw the Scorpion on Galls' site. Anyone know anything about that one or is the Muvi better for the price?
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          We use Scorpions and they are ok. Not very good at night and takes a while to download, but not bad during the day. Haven't had a chance to use it with SFST's though.
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            You can find them on police supply sites for $100-120, but I got one on e*ay or amaz*n (can't remember which one) for about $55. The one I bought is sold under a few different names, but eactly the same right down to the buttons, clip, etc. I only use mine for false complaint protection, so I can prosecute if needed, so I haven't downloaded it in quite some time, but seems to work ok considering how low they are priced.
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              I have a handheld camera that uses a flash memory vs hard disk memory.

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                What are the evidentiary rules involved with this? Would it considered "notes" and I could destroy it after each report I write and rely on the in car camera for court. Or would I have to log and place a copy of each video into property for evidence (which would be a HUUUGE hassle since I would have to burn a copy to DVD, then a property report, then file the report, then go to property unit and find where to put the DVD.


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                  I would keep the video. At least keep it until you get case disposition showing you can get rid of evidence.
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