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Has anbody successfully worked a nationwide Craigslist scam


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  • Has anbody successfully worked a nationwide Craigslist scam

    Without revealing some of the tactics that the bad guys in my particular case are using publicly, I am working a case where a local business has had their checking account compromised. The unknown suspect is posting Craigslist ads for "work at home" type jobs and asking people who respond to e-mail their personal data in an "application". They then send forged checks through multiple respondents and on to the final person in the chain who cashes the checks and Western Unions them the money, only to be left holding the bag when the bank figures out the check is bogus. The bad guy even left a phone number, but it's not an actual cell or landline number you can trace (don't want to give any ideas so I won't say what it is here). Has anybody worked, or know someone who has, successfully solved one of these. Based on the email exchanges with the victims, I'm smelling Nigeria in this... I really would need USPS to help out on it but don't even know who to call on it. Any suggestions, I'd appreciate a PM.
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    PM sent. Hope it helps.


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      It's amazing the amount of work someone will put into scamming someone. I continue to lose faith in the human race.

      I've taken a few craigslist type scam reports. I'm always amazed at how the victims fall into these traps.


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        Generally these people are offshore. They use Western Union because you don't need an ID to pick up the cash...only a control number. And there are Western Unions on every corner of the planet.

        When I've worked the front desk, I've taken these reports. I usually take a report and then politely and tactfully break the news to the victim that their money ain't never comin' back and that the suspects will likely never be caught. I hate having that conversation.


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          Yes, I got this little old lady to send....oh, wait, never mind!
          This is for all you parents that like to put your kids names on the back of your mini-vans.

          STOP IT! There are predators that will use that information against them!


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