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  • What do I have to do?

    I don't really wanna put my business out there but I'm at my wits end. I work for a small agency (12 sworn) been there 4 years now and I'm trying to go to a larger agency. The problem is for the last two years that I've been trying to go somewhere else I've been turned down by everyone of them. I do have some hiccups in my past employment 6 or 7 years ago, no terminations, just voluntary resign while on probation. Is 6 years not enough time for past oops' to not haunt me. What would make up for past employment blemishes? (letters of recommendation, more time, what?)

    Sorry if I sound desperate, but I am getting a dejected about it all. Any help or suggetions will be greatly appreciated.

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    put in more time, do a kick *** job at your current dept, night school if you dont already have a degree.
    dont give up on what you want to do
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      Embrace what you did and own it. When interviewed and the subject is broached, be 100% honest about it and tell your future employer what you learned from it and why it will never happen again.

      Be the best that you can where you are at now. Don't complain, but also don't take abuse either. In small departments gripe sessions make their way back to the chief, capt or lt and it is better not to even go there. A group of officers complaining about something? Find something else to do. Have issue with something? When you show up have a solution for the problem. Set goals for yourself that are above what the department expects.

      I have been in your shoes and it takes time and building an excellent reputation of being an officer that everyone wants to work with to get past these things. It is possible to over come these things.

      Good luck.
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        Yeah, you probably need 10 years or so from your most recent oopsie. Plus, like Crass Cop said, get a bachelor's degree if you don't already have one. Concentrate on floating to the TOP of the candidate list, NOT just meeting the minimum hiring requirements.


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          I do have a 2-year degree and I would own up to my oops' if I were able to get to an interview, but I'm finding a lot of agency's are nixing me just in the pre-screen. Very very frustrating!


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            must have been a somewhat serious "oops" that caused you to resign if you are not even making it to the interview stage. Small agencies talk to each other. Perhaps meet with the Chief of Sheriff in person and discuss your interest in their department and discuss the "oops" in private first. Just my thoughts and remember; "the job I have now is the best job of my life and I never want to leave but my family will have a better opportunity with your department".
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              I see your from Central Florida, what county?


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                Continue on with your college education. Maybe pay for a specialty class or two on your own. I see you are in Fl. Do you speak Spanish? Talk to your chief and see if there is anything extra you can do at the dept. ie, can you be the crime prevention guy, an evidence tech, a sexual assault investigator, etc.?


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                  Just gotta keep applying.

                  Finding a police job can tend to be a crap shoot. It took me a few tries to move up in the world. And you probably have to network, go to some conferences (even if you have to pay your own way), make a few friends. If a couple people at a larger department like you, it increases your odds of getting hired.

                  Originally posted by jswwjw View Post
                  "the job I have now is the best job of my life and I never want to leave but my family will have a better opportunity with your department".
                  Also this. I don't know how past interviews have gone, but if you go into interviews negative (or even neutral) about your current department) it looks really bad.

                  jswwjw had a good phrase. Personally I always said something like "I really like my current department and I work with great people, but I feel it's time for me to move onto a bigger department"
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                    If you're trying to go to a Federal Agency you'll have some problems with those hiccups. Federal agencies go back 7 to 10 years for public trust background checks. The background investigator actually go in person to speak with prior employers and can go farther than just the simple questions. The background investigator can get the whole story about why you were asked to resign. Those hiccups can be a roadblock to federal agencies for hiring purposes.

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