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Maryland Transportation Authority Questions?


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  • Maryland Transportation Authority Questions?

    I'm currently certified through maryland with Baltimore City and was hoping to get someone to give me their honest opinion on the MTA Police? I have been looking a lot lately to lateral out of Baltimore City but just unsure on what agency to go with. I also live in the Baltimore area so I wasn't looking to add an insane commute either. What are some of the benefits of the agency and I don't mean the ones they put on the flyer? How are the cars, step increases, equipment, retirement, morale, furloughs, etc? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    If I were you, I would move this thread over to the MD section so that you will get more results.

    From my knowledge and contact with the agency and their officers, it is a good place to work. They have great equipment and good pay being state employees. Certain detachments have their pros/cons. I believe you would be in for a shock to come from BPD to MdTA (Not MTA btw). Calls for service, and the types of calls for that fact, would be your main difference.

    + Excellent cars and equipment, without a doubt.
    + Don't look for any step increases but also don't look for any furloughs (SLEOLA, the state LEO union, has been good w/ no furloughs)
    + LEOPS retirement (25 yrs), standard state LEO retirement, with the exception of MSP.
    + Morale is subjective, but from the guys I know, morale is not a problem.

    Good luck to you


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      Equpiment isn't as good as you think. Although the cars issued are very nice lookng, the radios are total crap and really a safety issue. Also they aren't furloughed but they were "salary reduced". Meaning they get paid less then a few years ago but don't get an actual day off.

      Check out MD section for more.


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