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First SOLO shift!


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  • First SOLO shift!

    After what seemed like an eternity I finally got hired as a licensed police officer at my #1 department, passed FTO, and am now preparing for my first SOLO shift on Sunday! I know I have a ton to learn and experience but am extremely grateful for this opportunity. Any tips from senior officers that you wish you would have known on day #1 would be appreciated!
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    Congrats! Its a pretty awesome feeling, isn't it?

    My only advice is to get that first traffic stop out of the way early, makes it easier on the nerves. Also, don't stop learning and don't be afraid to ask for help!
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      First, congrats!

      The advice I'd give is to remember that you know more than you did before you started FTO and the academy, but you don't know it all. Don't be afraid to lean on your older, more experienced officers for their help or advice on a scene. Trust me, they'll think more of you if you ask for help before you get so far down the wrong path that you ruin an investigation.

      Also, trust your instincts. If something feels hinky, there's a reason for that. Find out what that reason is and deal with it immediately, before you get in trouble.

      Go on as many calls as you can, watch how other officers are handling their runs, watch how they deal with people. You'll find good things that they do that you'll be able to use. You'll also see bad things that they do, remember those, and don't do them!

      Your supervisor WILL be watching you. Not because he thinks you're gonna screw up, but because you're new, and for the first time, he's responsible for what you do, or don't do, instead of your FTO. Don't take it personally.

      Good luck!
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      To me, open carry is the equivalent of the couple making out and groping each other at the food court in the mall. Yeah, they are probably legal, as long as they don't start getting undressed. But they are still social retards.
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        Never stop learning.

        I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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          Don't be afraid to ask other officers for help.


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            Don't wear your vest too tight. You'll thank me after your first foot pursuit.....


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              It's a big day for ya brother. Don't be affraid to ask questions and never stop learning. The best advice i can give you is to learn how to read people and learn how to talk to each type of person. Once you master this it will make your life/job alot easier.

              Remember your absolute #1 piority is to GO HOME! thats all that matters. When I start my shift I have already made up my mind that I WILL GO HOME, no matter what it takes.

              Good luck and stay safe!


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                -Everyone will lie to you on the streets; the criminals, the victims, the people reporting crimes.
                -Don't be afraid to ask for backup; also don't be afraid to "offer" backup to your colleagues and overlapping jurisdictions.


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