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Is this a threat agaisnt L.E.O's?


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  • Is this a threat agaisnt L.E.O's?

    This is a clip from a post someone posted on a local forum.

    Perfect example Of ****(My town)**** corrupution. I have worked as a private military and secrity contractor. I have had an asault riffle stollen from me at the ********** Walmart in 2010. The theft of that rifle has cost myself and six others over $500,000. That rifle is capable of full automatic use and the PD, sheriffs dept, nd state police dont care about what can happen if in the wrong hands. Now they have to worry about 6 realy ****ed off trained killers coming to find it so we can get back to work protecting people and getting rid of coruption in the leagal system. When we get back to work we will start with ******* NM. We are very good at our jobs and promise there will be no collateral damage on our part. Good luck and God Speed to all residents of ********** NM.

    There's a couple things that make my eyebrow raise on this guy.
    1) This guy is a military/security contractor?
    2) a $500,000 assault rifle? Maybe a gold plated M4 or AK-47?

    I'm about an inch away from reporting this guy. It's out of my jurisdiction, but I definitely feel local LEO need to find this guy and question him.

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    It is one of those things where if you called them you think they might think "OK, what are you wasting our time for". But then you think about things like the nut that shot Gabrielle Giffords and other nuts who kill people and it comes to light that they were posting stuff like what you just referenced in the OP. Sounds like someone who is seriously mentally ill and it might be beneficial for someone from Silver City or Grant County to look into the matter, if for no other reason than to put out an informational BOLO. Texas DPS Trooper Vetter's killer had written a letter to the DPS about his anger over being stopped for seatbelt violations and vowed to kill the next officer who stopped him. He followed through on his threat. It can't hurt to let the agency know. If they choose to ignore it then at least you have done your part.
    Be dangerous, and unpredictable... and make a lot of noise. - John Bush, Anthrax


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      He's legit.

      Only Secrity contracters carry asault riffles.

      “All men dream...... But not equally..
      Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find it is vanity;
      but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men,
      for they act their dreams with open eyes to make it possible.....”

      TE Lawrence


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        They should catch the guy and make him read a dictionary.

        report the dooshe-bag
        "I don't go on "I'" and post negative **** about cum dumpsters."
        The Tick

        "Are you referring to the secret headquarters of a fictional crime fighter or penal complex slang for a-$$hole, anus or rectum?"

        "and we all know you are a poser and a p*ssy.... "
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          Very good at jobs? LOL, I guess their training didn't cover how to secure their weapons.


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            Originally posted by M1garand View Post
            Very good at jobs? LOL, I guess their training didn't cover how to secure their weapons.
            Haha that's what I was thinking. I reported the weirdo to the local P.D.
            I'll try to do a follow up in a week or so and see what develops from this guy...


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              Man I GOTS to git me one of them thar secrity asault riffles!

              Wunder if'n they gots sum of them at Wally World?

              "Yes sir, I know you have rights."
              "In fact, I know your rights better than you do!"


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                gud cal on reperting him. Ya nver no wut goes thru ppls heds...

                But seriously. Kudos! Who goes off and prints a statement to that effect? In my opinion it should be considered an officer safety matter. Someone needs to do a welfare check with that guy or maybe his 'secrity' needs to have his head examined.


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                  Originally posted by irish21 View Post
                  The theft of that rifle has cost myself and six others over $500,000.

                  I'm about an inch away from reporting this guy. It's out of my jurisdiction, but I definitely feel local LEO need to find this guy and question him.
                  Man, get a picture. I really want to see a $500K rifle. He's a nutjob, that makes him him.


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                    It's enough of a threat to warrant some surveillance and questions.
                    If he has a 500,000.00 rifle than he probably has several other 100,000k rifles.
                    Any views or opinions presented by this prenomen are solely those of a burlesque author and do not necessarily represent those of a LEA or caementum couturier.

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                    This is the internet- take all information with a grain of salt. Such could be valid and true or could be typed just for playing devils advocate.


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                      I like baseball. I want a dubba-glock!!
                      "I do not fear the man who yells, I fear the man who doesn't"


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                        A simple expert analysis of this guys post should show that he is just a "Call-of-Duty) wanna-be that has no intention of pulling this crap....however, there are some nutty people out there that can go off their rocker at any given moment. Good job on taking the threat seriously enough to report may have just saved someone.


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                          I would take it at least somewhat seriously. IMHO he could use the attention of your detective bureau, and to be honest I would call your local ATF/FBI office and see if they want to come play. At the least you have some moron running his mouth over the good old anonymous Internet, at its worst you have a terrorist threat.

                          Just my opinion..
                          Seriously, the only reason I wanted to be a cop was so I could post anywhere on this forum.


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                            You did the right thing, god forbid this whackjob actually carries out his threats and you did nothing. In this day and age, better safe than sorry.
                            " The Beatings will continue until Morale Improves "


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                              I'm not posting to add anything at all to this conversation. I'm posting because I think it's bad-***** that M-11 has an Ender's Game quote in his tag line. Awesome.


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