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  • Police Resume

    Can anyone send me a copy of their resume? -- removing all personal information, of course. I've been trying to work on one but need some examples to make it better.

    If anyone can help me out please PM me and I'll give you my e-mail address you can send it to. Thanks.

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    Your profile says police officer so I assume this means your experience is in patrol (vice investigations or a specialized assignment). Here's what I use in my resume to note my previous patrol experience:

    ****** Police Department
    Police Officer
    Dates Employed
    Hours per week: 40+
    Salary: $*******
    Duties: Assigned to Patrol division. Protect life and property, respond to calls for law enforcement service from the public, deter criminal activity within the community, enforce all city, state and applicable federal laws, statutes, codes, ordinances and regulations, and perform preliminary investigations (to include witness/suspect interviews) and preserve evidence, apprehend criminals when probable cause of criminal activity is determined, and other necessary tasks as delegated via chain-of-command.


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      PM me your email and I'll send out a copy of mine later today (going to bed now due to night shift).
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        Yes, I am in patrol. Maybe I should specify a bit...

        Currently on the road, however I want to structure this resume to obtain a specialized unit within the department -- so it's an interdepartmental resume; not to be used outside of the department.

        For certain specialized positions (or even promotions), my department requires a resume. While I plan on being on patrol for a bit longer, I want to start building the resume now because I have started accumulating a lot of training and experience in different fields of police work. I want to be able to have the resume foundation down so I can just add on to it as time goes on.


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          I just sent you a PM. Let me know if you need any more specific info.

          Good luck!


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            I'd like to see an example of this as well if anyone is willing to help. Thanks.


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              Here is what I have listed on my resume in regards to my current employer. I have taken out certain indentifyers but you will get the jist of it.

              • Assigned to patrol division for a 70 officer police department serving a township that encompasses 22 square miles, a population of 35,000 residents, and the third highest level of calls for service in XYZ County.
              • Work for the police department that has highest amount of calls for service answered per patrolman in XYZ County.
              • Consistently rank near the top of the department in overall productivity to include reports taken, motor vehicle stops, summonses, warrant arrest, and self initiated arrests to include narcotics and DUI arrests.
              • Have attended several courses in the furtherance of my law enforcement career to include: Conducting Complete Motor Vehicle Stops. Passenger and Commercial Motor Vehicle Criminal Interdiction. NJ MVC Document Fraud for Law Enforcement. ICE Immigration Enforcement and Identity Documents. New Jersey Motor Vehicle Searches: Past, Present, and into the Future 2009. Suburban Drug Interdiction and Criminal Patrol. Arrest, Search, and Seizure Legal Update 2009 and the 5 day DUI detection course taught by the NJSP. Many of these courses I attended on my own time and at my own expense.

              On a side note, this a law enforcement specific portion of my resume that does not describe job duties but more or less describes why I should be hired, etc.
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                Sorry to bring this back up but if I could get a copy of this too I'd appreciate it.
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                  My (old) Force put out lateral specialized Unit and promotional transfer opportunities with "competencies" to be met for same. I had told my younger partners, and continue telling my son, to keep several folders with examples of files and incidents that they, or he, have worked on / dealt with / been involved in that fit the the different "competencies" being posted. That way, when it comes time to put in for something, they / he can quickly research and compile their / his experiences. This also gives them a chance to review their experience to see what types of investigations / incidents / training etc they should try to perform / experience / attend in order to advance themselves.

                  Good luck to all of you!!
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