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    Originally posted by Jhelrey View Post
    When I worked nights, our shift was 9pm to 7am. I would go to bed around 8-830am and I would sleep solid until 7-7:30pm. Sleep wasn't my issue, it was just trying to stay awake in general and keeping busy.
    That's some serious sleep.


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      That Vitamin D thing sounds intriguing.

      I generalyl have no issues staying awake,, but I see saw with the motivation and the occasional sleep issue. Dont forget to make your room as dark as possible. Running a fan on med/high for the white noise effect help me tremenously.

      FWIW, I have been on morning watch for about 10 years. It's to the point where I can have issues driving during the day, and generally don't perk up until about 4-5 PM.


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        Let me clarify some minor points about Vitamin D.

        1) It would be best to get tested by your doctor and find out what you're level is. Night shift workers are almost always significantly deficient in Vitamin D because the primary source of it is sunlight. Once you know you're level, you can adjust your intake appropriately.

        2) Vitamin D uptake will not fix poor sleeping, bad eating habits, or other personal behavior issues. If all that is fine for you and you still feel lethargic and crappy most of the time, Vitamin D should help.

        3) Excessive Vitamin D intake can be toxic so don't go out and take 40,000 units a day. For most people, 1000 to 2000 units daily will do the trick.

        4) It will take about 3 weeks of regular use before you start to notice improvement. Like most things, it takes time to build up your levels. Improvement will also be subtle, but noticeable. For me it was a sudden realization that I felt so much better.


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          Yeah im working on the diet also. When I'm on days I'll eat a little something with coffee when i get up around 0415, then maybe a little something about 0800, then lunch around 1200, and supper when I get home around 1900. However when I'm on nights, I will just eat a little something when I first get up with coffee to get me going, and then eat supper around 2000, which is usually a larger meal. Then I dont eat anything when I get off as i go straight to bed. I think workin on the balance will help tremendously.


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            We rotate every 4 weeks, I was going to say every 28 days, every period but Im afraid of getting verbally spanked by Smurffie....
            I too gain weight, get cranky with the wife and kids etc working nights, usually it lasts about a week then I get used to it. Also depends on the time of year, nights on winters last much longer than a summer shift, windows down, people out. Just seems better a little in nicer weather. The obvious has been said re: sleep, diet etc. Its tough.
            I got nothing for now


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