So I am scanning this afternoon and I see an article that the moon was at its closest point to the Earth since who knows when last night. I never really bought in to the full moon makes people cr*** thing, but. I have spent my time in inner city neighborhoods but I work the suburbs now. We even have farms in my district. The department I work for covers both the city and county. I had more use of force situations this week then I have had in any year since I came to the district. One of the situations was one of, if not the most, serious situations I have been involved in in over 20 years. While not in my district, a young officer in my department was shot last night, fortunately apparently not bad as far as that goes, and he or another officer shot the suspect. Last night was the first night in my career that we were held over at work for other than weather related reasons (it has happened to others, just not to me). When I say held over, I do not mean handling a call that started during my shift, I mean held over at work to keep enough officers available to handle new calls. This week has been insane.