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How many miles are you allowed to Drive in a shift?


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    No minimum, no maximum. I have driven well over 100 miles in a 10 hour shift, and as little as a couple (standing by at a major crime scene). We are a large metropolitain area so calls are usually close together, but the miles can still add up from time to time, depending on what kind of activities you are involved in, the traffic on the radio, and how much OV work you do. Setting a limit is a BAD idea IMHO.

    "Sorry ma'am, all our units were "miled out" so we couldn't respond to your request to send an officer to your house while you were being raped. Next time try to call earlier in the shift so officers haven't reached their maximum allowable miles."

    What do you do when you hit the arbitrary 35 mile limit. park your patrol car on the side of the road and walk back to the station? Seems like a goofy policy to me and a misguided attempt to save a couple bucks by limiting gas usage and wear and tear on vehicles. Did the Chief give any reasons behind the policy?
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      Originally posted by zhakkar View Post
      The problem there, as it usually is, lies with the person in the picture on the second page of the article!!!! Hopefully Branstad will at least can her so ILEA won't have to deal with Edith Ann either. That would score a point for him in my book.
      You know that position is not an "at will" governor's appointment. Unless she resigns....................he will have to fire her and get sued unless she has done something wrong.
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        No limit here. When I had a larger beat and had to drive to the opposite side of the county to get there I put around 120 miles a day on my car. Now I live on my beat and most of my runs aren't that far apart, maybe 60-80 miles a day tops. 8.5 hour shift.
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