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First arrest tonight!


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  • First arrest tonight!

    Failure to control
    Child endangerment.

    of course.. it happened 40 min before the end of the shift..

    But geez after almost a year.. good times
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    You've been on the job for a year and this is the first arrest?
    For the cops out there: You are an adult. If you want to write someone, write them. If you don't want to write someone, then don't write them.

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      Almost a year????


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        ALMOST A YEAR?!?!?!?

        Wow, I guess all this talk about differences between cities, small towns, and rural areas in another thread is really justified. My rookie year stats: 89 felony arrests, 165 misdemeanor arrests, 96 DUI arrests, 150 traffic tickets. Keep in mind, this was JUST MY ROOKIE YEAR, before I had become proficient at the paperwork surrounding all of these arrests. Now I do more than that, but the stats have never stuck in my mind since the first year. Also add in the numerous calls where no arrest is made, all the reports where no arrest is made, etc., and I really feel like I need a raise after reading your post!

        Oh yes, you can tell my department's annual evaluations are strongly weighed by stats...*rolls eyes*
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          You've been an Officer for a year and haven't made an arrest?

          I'm calling BS on you being an Officer w/o some reasonable explanation.

          I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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            Do you work 8 hours a month at a very, very small agency? Just making traffic stops will get you warrant arrests.


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              This can happen at specialized and very rural agencies. I know people who have worked in certain specialized law enforcement agencies (State level), that never made a physical arrest their whole career.


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                If you haven't made a physical arrest in any position in LE, that, to me, means you are way to scared to put your hands on someone.

                Hell, I worked in a slow university environment for my first career, stayed there for 15 months and made 15 arrests, several of them felonies.......if I can do it at a medical training university campus, anyone can do it.
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                  I got 2 felonies on my second shift...are you a Reserve?
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                    According to his profile he works in Harveysburg, OH which has a population of 563. My first precinct only had about 200 less cops assigned to it hahaha.


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                      Wow, that's something all right. I had a Felony arrest at hour 3, although that was a bit unusual. Still, I'm not sure anyone from my Academy class didn't have at least a Misdemeanor A-Adam under their belt by the end of week 1.


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                        First arrest in a year OTJ.....wow. I guess that small town vs. big job arguement kinda gets thrown out the window with stats like that.

                        And it seems he's upset that it occured 40 mins from EOT. I'm confused as to why he seems upset...hell, ALL of my arrests would be 40 minutes from EOT if they could be....OT baby, embrace it! Kids gotta eat....

                        Seriously though, good for you. Now blow the rest of the dust of those bracelets of yours and start collaring people....BTW, what's OVI and DUS?
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                          I had a dope bust in the first hour of my first shift when I was reserve in a rural town. Something is definitely wrong here........


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                            Operating a vehicle while intoxicated and driving under suspension. If he is in Harveysburg, I don't even know if he's getting paid, let alone OT. I forgot to tell you congrats on the arrest. Start doing more speed enforcement and stopping people for chicken s... things you have no intention of citing them for. It will let you give regular Joes a warning and will help you pick up a few warrant arrests.


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                              well lets see here..

                              yes i work in a very small village.. (.7 sq miles)
                              I was auxiliary until about 3 months ago.
                              now full-time 32hrs a week with a whopping $10.00 a hour...
                              but im not complaining.. honestly to be in south west Ohio and actually have a paying police officer position is quite the task

                              I have had a few warrants which technically were arrests.. but i just transported to another officer... (i guess i was saying it was the first person I took to jail.)
                              Last month i had a felony drug possession (LSD)... How ever my upper chain of command is well.. yeah.. even though the person admitted it was LSD my chief said i had to send it off.. so he was released that night.

                              I get a D.U.S. about once a week.. but we cite and release for that here.

                              as for my amount of stops i average 220 stops a month about 15 a shift.. i work 32 hours a week. so of course never reach over time.

                              As for me being afraid to get hands on... That's just not the case. I'm very proactive and always searching cars looking for something... as luck has it.. it doesn't happen very often


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