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  • Hats

    How many of you wear your uniform hats regularly on duty?
    Yes, because policy requires that I wear it.
    Yes, because I prefer to keep up the tradition.
    No, I normaly don't wear it except maybe when it's raining.

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    Never unless special ceremony or event. I only know of one guy who wore his on duty all the time but he retired 4 years ago.
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      although the nysp does require wearing the stetson, and you really DON'T want to be the guy called out by brass for not wearing it during the day, i would probably wear it anyway because i feel it adds to the level of badassery exhibited.

      typically the lid goes on during the day, but at night it doesn't leave the car unless a boss is gonna show up.


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        Yeah/no , they are retarded looking.


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          No, I want to wear one of those cool mount-me hats.


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            When I started you didn't get out of the car without wearing your hat. We've evolved from a Chief that required wearing to a Chief that dislikes hats but prefers ballcaps if you do want to wear one. Now if there is a funeral or specific event we have an 8 point traditional cap, but day to day it's the ballcap if you do wear. I would prefer to change from the 8 pointer to the deputy style stetson, but I'm sure I'll be retired before that would happen.


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              My agency policy specifically states a hat may only be worn for protection from the elements or while in direct sunlight for an extend period of time.
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                The full time agency I worked for DEMANDED officers wear the 8 point hat..The part time jobs said 8 point hats were for funerals...


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                  In the NYPD we are technically required to put on our hats once emergency police necessity is controlled.

                  What a joke.

                  We are required to wear them at all details and suppose to wear them while on foot patrol.

                  I wish I make chief one day and eliminate this old tradition that is severly out dated.

                  Its 2010, not 1810.

                  Wearing hats does not do anything positive. Its a nice big target for the perp to shoot at.
                  Captain Square Badge, reporting for duty!.


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                    Originally posted by Dr. Peebody View Post
                    although the nysp does require wearing the stetson, and you really DON'T want to be the guy called out by brass for not wearing it during the day, i would probably wear it anyway because i feel it adds to the level of badassery exhibited.
                    Our command mandates we wear our Stetsons, and we'll hear about it if encountered w.out. I don't mind wearing it - def adds to the badassery , and to that point command presence should not be underestimated; those Stetsons, tipped slightly fwd, lend a lot to that presence.


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                      I have only worn mine during my academy grad We are not allowed to wear ball caps but I guess we can wear the dress cap if we wont...never seen it unless at a special event.

                      This reminds me....where is my hat??? Gotta look for it now!


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                        The last few years of my time at Rampart, I would walk a footbeat for an hour on Alvarado between 6th & 8th, then on 6th between Alvarado & Valencia. I wore my hat for two reasons. (1) It protected my very bald, sunburn susceptable head, and (2) It looks sharper.

                        I tried it at my first department in Colorado, but there wasn't much foot traffic to appreciate seeing the nice cop on foot in the area.

                        I plan to do it, here, in my new town in my new assignement - although ball caps are approved, as well.
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                          You need another choice on the poll....

                          4) My agency doesnt even issue hats, never mind require you to wear one
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                            Hat, we don't need no stinking hats....

                            (Except for special operation and firearms).
                            Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.


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                              There should be an option for, no I hate hats!


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