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    I know this has been brought up before. But I have been tasked to make sure our entire fleet for all watches, have entire same car layout. Like a typical squad we have a radio, control box, scanner, MDT/Tough Book, shotgun, AED, first aid kit, digital camera, and so forth.

    However; I like to know where you keep your items and what you keep in your squad. Do you guys carry extra rounds of slugs in the glovebox, and so on.

    We want to make each car identical, and universal.

    Thanks, 3rd_Watch
    The Heat
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    At my one department the cars were the same and..

    First Aid kits are kept in a plastic tackle box in the trunk and a transport kit (handcuffs, belts, shackles, spit hoods, hobbles etc...) kept in a bag in the trunk.

    Other items are also kept in a large galls type swat bag in the trunk. Pretty easy.

    Forms and such are kept in a plastic container with clipboards.

    A little uncle mikes fanny pack had camera, extra batteries etc..

    Again...all kept in the trunk.



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      Our agency keeps everything in a gear bag in the trunk. Tape, first aid kits, finger print kits, crime scene tape, spit hoods, shackles and belly belts all stay in the bag and can get transfered to a spare when you switch cars. If you need something in any patrol car its in the bag. The only thing thats not in the bag is a digital camera and that stays in the glove box. Only because if its too cold they won't work.

      We are responsible for keeping our own supply of forms etc.
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        I left my previous agency just as we completed the wonderful joy of reaccreditation. One of the things we did daily for a month was inspect each car to ensure each had the exact same setup. As far as storing all the items and maintaining a universal layout, we installed TrunkVaults in the cars with an trunk organizer on the floor of the trunk.

        For items such as digital cameras and the like, the department purchased smaller Pelican cases and marked them with labels. You opened the trunk, everything was laid out in front of you the same in each car. Probably a little more OCD than you are wanting but that's how they did it.


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          Trunk organizers with a label for everything.


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            Im jealous of all the equipment you guys have.....we are lucky if we have an MDT/Tough Book in our car.....A lot of times our spare tires are missing too.
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              We all pretty much have our own go-bag with forms, ticket books, traffic vest, etc.....
              Our cars are outfitted with trunk organizers filled with first aid kits, cones, flares, extra rounds for our Glocks, 870s and ARs. Also have fingerprint kits, point and shoot cameras, fire extinguishers among other things. We have to do a weekly inventory to make sure everything's the same for each car.
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                LAPD was never able to maintain any kind of order in the Crown Vic trunks...too many "Independant Contractors" or "Elephant Hunters" who can't be bothered with details as mundane as uniformity in trunks.

                My post-LAPD and previous department had a diagram of where everything was supposed to go. Again, someone gets too prissy and their knickers get knotted about the placement of the Child Safe Teddy Bears, but on a smaller scale, with sharing cars two officers to a vehicle, it does work better.

                Now, I'm the boss at my new department, and we have just three vehicles....a new 4X4 Dodge Durango, a 2005 Chevy Impala, and my vintage Chevy Trailblazer...no way in hades could anyone design a trunk scheme which would work the same in all three vehicles.


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                  Our cars are kinda-sorta the same. All have vertical AR mounts between the front seats (ARs are issued to individual officers though) and middle (electronics) consoles are mostly set up the same. In the trunk, all have Stinger spike strips, a 5.5 lb fire extinguisher, and your spare tire. Most cars have crime scene tape, digital video cameras, a fingerprint kit, leg restraints, a crappy little first aid kit (bandaids and a few pieces of gauze), rubber gloves, traffic cones, and DWI blood tube kits, all thrown in a big plastic bin. Some cars have more, some have less. With the new '09 CVPIs we just got on the line, all have a trunk organizer system with everything listed above plus some. It makes things much easier having everything sorted out exactly the same way.

                  Since it's a crapshoot most of the times, just about everything that I use, need, or might potentially need is transferred to my patrol car at the beginning of my shift from my POV. I carry all of my paperwork, snacks, lots of extra ammo/mags, spare flashlights, extra radio/flashlight/EOTech batteries, traffic vest, lariat, leather gloves, etc. Stuff like that doesn't stay in patrol cars very long for some reason.......


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                    I've had a take home rig for 9 years, so I put my shat wherever I want it.

                    But the few youngin's who have to share cars must find their own ways of storing items issued to them (camera, print kits, etc.). Usually that is in the patrol bag. The other universal stuff like flares, first aid kits, etc., are pretty much just piled in the trunk.


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                      Originally posted by Kieth M. View Post
                      Now, I'm the boss at my new department, and we have just three vehicles....a new 4X4 Dodge Durango, a 2005 Chevy Impala, and my vintage Chevy Trailblazer
                      Oh c'mon man...your Dept. is larger than mine...order you a new vehicle. My dept. has a 2001 Impala, 2002 CRV and my 2008 Tahoe and I just ordered 2 new Impalas. All take homes so they get to set it up as they see fit.


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                        To be honest, I couldn't tell you the last time I've looked in the trunk!
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                            I can't really store anything on my boots, all though I'm thinking about adding some lights and sirens to them so when I run after people other people will move out the way.
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                              all of our vehicles are different.

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