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  • SWAT break and rake tools

    So for any operators out there or dudes that are creative with designing tools, my department is pretty strapped for cash but our team is without a break and rake type of entry tool similar to one blackhawk makes. Just seeing if anybody has a simple homemade design that people have used on their tac teams for breaking/clearing windows. I've seen things like retro-fitting an olympic weight bar with a couple inches of metel welded to the end for debris clearing....any thoughts or ideas?

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    Back when we had an active team and all of our officers were crossed trained fire fighters as well, we just used a halogen tool. Their near indestructable and good for break and rake or prying reinforced doors when used in conjunction with a well placed sledge hammer strike. Very portable too.
    Maybe FD will let you borrow one when needed if you cant purchase one for some reason.


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      Correction...Halligan tool.


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        We went to a neighboring county that had a large professional fire dept and they gave us a haligan that they had retired. It worked great.


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          Simple and cost effective for a brake and rake.

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            2 feet of steel pipe $6.50 at Lowes.

            Grip Tape $2 a roll.

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              A standard pike pole works too.....it's also effective to grab any blinds/curtains and rip them too.
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                I agree with the pike pole (used by all fire departments) as you can stay far enough away from the kill zone, break, rake and clear out the window from a distance. Check with your local FD and I am sure you can find one they will "donate" to you. Down side is that they are about 10' long. You can always "field-fix" it. Halligans or Hooligans are great but short. Just my thoughts, good luck.


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