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  • Eyeglasses for cops...

    I got lasik a few years ago, but my right eye has gone to crap again (astigmitism). I don't want to wear normal eye glasses because I need shades when it's light outside (pain to switch back and forth while on calls etc...). I've tried wearing a contact lens in my one bad eye and it's driving me nuts.

    I heard sometime back there are prescription glasses that shade when you're in bright light, then back down and function as normal eyeglasses when inside. I can't find them so far. I saw it on some cop gear-review thing...

    Anybody have (wear) these? Or know where to find them?

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    I think whatyou're after are Transition Lens'. They have a light tint when worn in indirect lighting (indoors, inside a car, etc) and darken when exposed to direct sunlight.

    If that is not whatyou're after, there are Photochromatic lens available. These lens are clear in area of indirect lighting and darken on exposure to direct sunlight light.

    Any optomerist should be able to assist you in obtaining either style.
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      They are out there because my dad has them. I don't need glasses so I can't help out there but I know my dad's darken in the sun light but when he comes inside they go back clear. Pretty cool.
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        The Transitions lenses are not as cool as they sound. They look to others like they get dark outside, but they're nowhere near as good as actual "shades". They just kinda take the edge off of bright sunlight. But I still find myself squinting in the sunlight.

        And then they take a long time to turn back to normal inside. Seeing while inside is not an issue, though, because they never really got dark enough while outside.


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          not all the same

          I have found from personal experience, that some of the "auto darkening" do not always work while riding in a car. The car's windows, block some UV light, which is needed to trigger the lense to darken. Your Optometrist should have samples. Check them out in a car. I ended up using some clip on sun glasses over my regular prescription glasses.


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            Originally posted by Traffic_82
            I got lasik a few years ago, but my right eye has gone to crap again (astigmitism).
            The past few years my right eye has also gone to crap too. I've talked to a couple of other guys and they're having the same problem. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with working nights, the past ten years, and having a bright computer screen glaring in that one eye all night.

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              I wear them. They're nice sometimes, but if you go from bright sunlight to inside a house, they're not good. I didn't have that problem much b/c I worked graves most of the time. Yeah, any auto glass since the mid-90's has "solar" glass that blocks the UV light preventing the lenses of the glasses from darkening. I've been using "magic clips" glasses which have a magnetic section on them that allow identically framed polarized lens to clip on the outside of the prescription lenses. The sunglasses can be clipped on and off quickly and go in my shirt pocket. My issue with glasses was coming out of the cold into a warm house and my glasses would fog up in about .002 seconds flat. I'm really wanting to get rid of glasses altogether, but it doesn't sound like you guys have had good experience with the surgery.
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                I had LASIK 11 years ago and can still see great. My wife had it done 8 years ago and still can see great. A lot depends on your eyesight prior to going in for LASIK. Last week I had my annual eye exam and had a different eye doctor. I asked him if he could tell that I had LASIK 11 years ago. He did a double take and then took a longer look at my eyes. He said there was no indication what so ever that I had LASIK in my left eye. There was no scaring or anything he could detect. He said he could only see a little indication in my right eye and that was only after a very hard and long look at that eye.

                Can they re-do your bad right eye?
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