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How has the economy effected your department?


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  • How has the economy effected your department?

    I haven't seen a thread on this. We gave up 2009 and 2010 raises, cut training to bare minimum, and replaced no police cars in 2010. We got two days off without pay in 2009 and 4 more in 2010. So far we are at full strength and the retirment hasn't been touched.
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      No raises, no training, no promotions etc. We've been fortunate to not have any layoffs yet. Hopefully it is turning around.


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        -I lost my overtime gig in dispatch = $20,000 loss this year

        -1.5 % base pay cut. = $1,000 loss this year

        -3.5 % retirement contribution increase = $2,000 -3,000 loss this year

        -No more overtime from late arrests (we have to dump it on the next shift) and doubling up traffic court to 3-4 tickets each appearance = about $5,000 lost in OT this year.

        So that's what the economy has done to me. But I have a job. Hopefully it doesn't last more than a couple years. But the culture of the department is really changing. It's not about good police work. It's about avoiding over time at all costs.

        The department has 250 vacant positions so we have about 1,800 sworn for 1.3 million people (extremely low). And we just went on a hiring freeze. I'm a bike cop- our bikes are 5 plus years old and falling apart. The city won't pay to repair them when they break. Training for almost anything except state mandated stuff is non existent. Some officer's laptop computers are almost five years old and way beyond their life expectancy. Many special units are gone, we pulled out of almost every task force. Investigations has been decimated with retirements and no replacements.

        And the mayor told us last week the department needs to still cut 73 mil.


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          Up until last week, it had not effected us much.

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            The economy has not effected our Bureau at all.

            However, the economy has affected us in the following ways:

            Four vacant positions frozen, not to be hired at least until 2 1/2 more years (next budget cycle, if even then)

            Laid off all of our full-time seasonal staff

            Combined Chief & Director positions when Director retired

            No new vehicles until next budget cycle, if then, and no new equipment

            Training cut way back unless free of charge - we used to be able to hire some pretty good contract instructors/retired LE folks to put on some specialty training

            Uniform allowance cut by about half

            Overtime severely restricted

            Lots of little stuff too numerous to mention...sounds similar elsewhere.
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              Nope...In fact, we hired 2.
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                Originally posted by stormz5192 View Post
                Nope...In fact, we hired 2.
                I'll bet your state has an income tax and/or a sales tax...
                The opinions expressed here are from the individual only and do not represent the view of any agency that the poster may be affiliated with


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                  Early on this year, they cut our raise scale dramatically, and tightened the leash on training and expenditures. Later on, they froze hiring of all open positions. Then all non critical training was cancelled. Then, raises were wiped out altogether. Then furlough days came. 2 this year, several next year. Then all the open positions were officially laid off. Now they are reducing retirement payments, cutting medical benefits, raising medical deductibles, and are in the process of figuring out layoffs of existing positions. Pay cuts are being discussed. Meanwhile, the gov't entity I work for is still plugging away with millions in projects, paving roads, etc. You would think they could put some of that on hold instead of shaving money off the employees' backs. Oh well. It is what it is.

                  I hope this bottoms out soon.


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                    Hiring slowed down (but we're just about topped off anyway) which slowed down movement and they scrutinize O.T. closely, but that's about it.

                    No take aways or cuts but no raises either. They are still promoting people.

                    The slowed down movement has hurt me though as an FTO. Haven't had a trainee in a couple months so I lost my senior fto pay of 11%. But we got some trainees coming at the end of the month so I should get that back.
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                      No raises for two years now, they even cut cost of living. Cars were cut from 5 to 2 a year. This year they can't buy them until after the Jan 1st as if anything in the city runs over budget that is where it is coming from. OT has been cut to the absolute bare minimum. Out of town training has been cut back drastically. After all this moral is at an all time low. There is more to the story of the city budget which is why moral is so low.


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                        As of right now, we have good news rather than bad, we just got a new director over our dept, and he has made some changes but we are actually hiring more in 2010 and 2011, we are updating all patrol cars with laptops and got our cost of living increase.

                        but I hate to hear about other depts having a rougher time, i hope all goes well with you guys/gals and your depts.

                        Also added we no longer have any SGT's all were promoted to LT's, so hopefully some SGT spots will be opening.
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                          Down 18 agents and can't hire any. No new vehicles for two years. No pay raises/cost of living raises. No outside training. Other little crap but that is the big stuff.
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                            Pretty much status quo. Cutting OT where they can. However, being in Michigan I sure wish I would have opened that U-Haul Franchise now.

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                              In fact, my PD has hired five officers, made 7 promotions ( 1 chief, 2 Capt, 2 Lt, and 2 Sgt ), put 4 new cars on the line and we are slated to get out new contract ( 3.7% - 4%).
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