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VIDEO - Officer killed by cross fire


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  • VIDEO - Officer killed by cross fire


    Im not posting this for any other reason other than in the hope that other officers will use this as a training tool and learn from it.

    We all know that a mistake was made that night, this isnt the place to slam an officer that must already be going through hell.

    __________________________________________________ _____________________

    At about 0100 hours on the morning of Sunday September 13, 2009 Multiple Charleston, WV PD units initiated a pursuit of a vehicle that was a suspected DUI driver and also been involved in an intentional act where the driver used his vehicle to ram an ex-girlfriend.

    After a sustained chase during which the suspect tried ramming cruisers the suspect did a u-turn and intentionally rammed a pursuing CPD cruiser with significant force. The suspect then began trying to use his vehicle to push the CPD cruiser out of the way and by doing so the susp endangered the life of a CPD officer that was out on foot.

    A total of 16 shots were fired at the driver, resulting in the death of the suspect.

    CPD officer Jerry Jones was the primary unit in the chase and at its terminaton he ended up behind the suspect vehicle. Officer Jones was hit once in the cross fire and died on scene.

    It should be noted that the suspect died on scne and also that the prosecutor has already annouced that the shooting of the suspect was lawful and no charges will be faced by any officer as the death of officer jones was accidental.

    CPD released dash cam footage to local media outlets and the graphic footage can be viewed on the following websites:

    (Best Quality - view footage from cars 103 and 104 - The faint silhouette of officer Jones along with the reflection of his name plate and badge can be seen at the front passenger side wheel before he is shot on the 103 video)

    A different media outlet has video of a SP unit, available for viewing online but the quality of the video isnt as good as the original although the audio seems is the best quality audio of any of the tapes. This footage is available here:

    (Just click on the link entitled "State Police 619" - Not the part about the conversation between the trooper and the susp's passenger)

    It should be noted that after Jones was Hit he discharged his weapon accidently, this caused the responding officers thought this secondary shot came from a suspect that was still at large - this is again best heard on the SP footage and explains why it took officers on scene about 90 seconds to find Officer Jones.

    Its easy to say that you should always know your background before you fire, but it was pitch black there and next to impossible to see anything that isnt directly illuminated by headlights.

    Hopefully some guys can learn from this, keep it in the back of your head and maybe it will save someone in a similar event.

    (nothing posted in the above isnt already reported in the media)

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    thank you for sharing this information. RIP Officer Jones and lets all go home at night.


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      Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence!

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        Very sad story......


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          Videos won't play for me, just a black box. But RIP brother.


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            Thanks for the thread NAPES. I've used the video the past couple days in my roll calls. I try to use videos like this to get my Deputies to use critical thinking skills. This is always with the caveat that we are not going to second guess anybody. Officer Jones family and fellow officers are in my prayers.
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              If it helps at all this is a rough diagram of the positions of the officers and thier vehicles.



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