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For anyone who thinks unions aren't needed in police work


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  • For anyone who thinks unions aren't needed in police work

    With the understanding that a lot of reporters couldn't get the story right if it happened to them, if half of this is accurate its full o' fishiness.

    Seems like an awesome place to have strong union representation. Not only for the seeming injustice of the situation, but also for the legal costs. A life time of union dues probably aren't going to amount to one solid defense attorney in an ongoing court battle.
    I miss you, Dave.

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    My reports must be signed off by the Sgt at the end of the shift and/or by the end of the work rotation.

    Then the Cpt or Chief does a count to ensure all reports, tickets, updates add up to make our status.

    Then within a week or two they get kicked back for changes. So no way in hell would a officer get away with not filling a report.

    We need unions that is for sure. or at least better brass.
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      Having been an IT guru at a police department there is no way that I could ever say that any proprietary software was secure or hack proof. One day I was checking though our server and ran across a file I didn't recognize. I opened the file and it had all of the user names and passwords listed in some file that was produced by someone or something (computer??). This network was closed. No connection to the internet so it wasn't an outside hack. With the file I had the super user name and password. Soooo.... can you trust any program? Nope. The current position have deals with another proprietary program, that on a regular basis eats reports. Did the guy do anything wrong? I don't know, but when it comes to computer programs they all have faults.
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