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Improving Courthuse Security


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  • Improving Courthuse Security

    I am writing a college paper and I chose the topic of courthuse security. I think I will argue the necessities of needs and ways to inmprove security. What I need is reference material. I have spent all day(my day off) searching the internet and have found some good info but am requesting more.

    I know some will be hesitant to discuss things such as tactics on an open froum. If you would rather PM them to me that would also be appreciated.

    I am a jailer in a county jail so I do have a little insight and experience with this but am hoping for more.

    I need to submit this paper to my online college by midnight Saturday(9-26) so the clock is ticking...

    Thanks in advance.

    Please excuse the low post count, I read here often but don't post. I truly thought I had already submitted an intro post.
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    What aspects of security are you looking at? In NY State Court Officers cover everything from the area surrounding the Courthouse all the way in to the courtroom. Having a sworn force of its own allows the court system to respond quickly to its security needs.


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      Control>>>>>> Control is the essence of any security operation. Control all the entrances/exits,use metal detector and screening devices at the entrances. allow no inmate traffic inside YOUR Courhouse unless they are escorted either by your personnel or escorted by jail personnel adhering to YOUR guidelines in relation to inmate control (cuffed and shackled with belly chains) control all foot traffic in the courthouse and you will have a safe and pleasant day at work, keep imates away from the general public as well...
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        Well, i think the biggest holes in Security are the ......


        I have no idea who you are, why would I feel better about PM'ing tactical information to one stranger than posting it for a thousand?

        Get your ID, Go to a courthouse/Fed building and ask your questions after having your identity vetted and gettiong checked out.

        There's some crazy bombers afoot, and they should have to do more than "Google" TO GET TARGETING INFORMATION.

        and do your own homework.

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        Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find it is vanity;
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        for they act their dreams with open eyes to make it possible.....”

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          All the problems with court security could be solved by pouring lots and lots of $$$ into the problem.

          Whatever short coming there is, whether it be officer training or better magnetometers its always an issue of $$$. The stupid local governments like to cut public safety first instead of their stupid welfare programs that don't work in the first place.


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            Wirefire2 is pretty much on the money....NY's court system is one of the biggest in the country yet has relatively few incidents each year because the Office of Court Administration is willing to allocate the funds necessary to secure the courts. Potential problems are dealt with by providing more than sufficient resources, whether you're talking at the doors or in the courtroom.
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              My 2 cents. If there was less corruption within the judicial system, I'd be willing to bet that we wouldn't need so much security.


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                Not true in NY, and I'm trying to figure the reasoning behind that statement.


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                  Originally posted by exweedcop
                  My 2 cents. If there was less corruption within the judicial system, I'd be willing to bet that we wouldn't need so much security.

                  WHAT ?????????????????????

                  I'm totally not following you.
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                    Court security here is only taken seriously by the understaffed and underfunded officers themselves.

                    Our local paper published the days when there is no security at all - no screening, nothing.

                    Pretty smart, huh?
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                      Originally posted by exweedcop
                      My 2 cents. If there was less corruption within the judicial system, I'd be willing to bet that we wouldn't need so much security.
                      And you base this brilliant theory on......?

                      Originally posted by 2971511
                      WHAT ?????????????????????
                      I'm totally not following you.
                      Me either. Divorce judge ruled against him? Wouldn't lift the restraining order?
                      Our houses are protected by the good Lord and a gun.
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                        Thank you for your response. I DID do my homework which ended up in a A- for the paper. I guess I was just looking for discussion ideas but at the same time also realized its the intenet with a somewhat open forum.

                        I strongly believe it comes down to the smalles element of the line staff in place. If they are proactive at their level, get the best training avail that is realistic, relevant, and recent, they can prevent a lot of things. Mindset I guess is number 1. And then trying to convey these ideas to the ones that allocate and request $$$.


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                          this is certainly not Massachusetts the only firearms in the courthouse are the police who are there to testify.

                          Court Officers do not carry firearms. I realize that could provide some issues when dealing with inmates but it would make sense to have a handful of court officers who are armed and provide some protection.

                          When you enter a court in MA you are screened for contraband but that is done by unarmed court security officers and I have watched some of these screenings take place. A little scary to say the least.

                          So lets say that someone armed decides to charge the security. they could kill or injure a lot of people before someone could intervene.

                          Just blows my mind because there is always a potential for violence in the court system.


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                            Way back in the early '70s there was some interaction between our bosses and some from one could understand why Court Officers in MA were unarmed. Makes no sense and just begs for trouble.


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