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Video - Officer suspended after punching teen in face


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  • Video - Officer suspended after punching teen in face

    I know how i feel about it and i for damn sure dont think he should have got suspended after dealing with that POS.


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    It doesn't matter, you can't punch a "handcuffed" guy in the face for spitting. Pull his shirt over his head and add the additional charge. It's just not worth it. Sure it would make you feel better, but not worth it. Nothing good will come of it, believe me.


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      Tisk Tisk...I dont know.Just because a person is handcuffed, that doesnt mean the person is still not a threat .

      If someone spit in my face, that somebody will be needing to bus to take him/her to the hospital to wire that jaw back together.
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        First of all, I watched that video four times, and never saw the suspect being punched by the cops.

        Second, I hear the subject saying he was punched but, that doesnt mean it is true.

        Third, I don't know what the law is where the video was taken, but it is against the law to spit on any person in Colorado, and is considered assault.

        If some one spit at me handuffed or not, juvenile or not, I can move the subjects face away from me to stop him from assaulting me.

        Lawyers will make a little money, but that is about it.
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          glad it is a felony for spitting on an officer here in nc

          the last guy that tried to spit in my face, he too was handcuffed behind the back and when i took him to the ground in the magistrates office he fell face first and broke his nose.


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            Originally posted by OperatorEX
            "nigga I'll kill you nigga..." what will that crazy idiot ever have to offer society?
            Good practice filling out an F.I. Card

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              The reports said that the Officer told his boss he hit him and injured his hand in doing so. The video is not the entire case, as it never is. But if you just watch it...you don't see any punching. Just that thug running off at the piehole.


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                three punches...he's lucky that's all he got.
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                  I to, never saw the officer strike the suspect. Handcuffed or not its an assault and would be dealt with accordingly. We don't play with anybody's kid in Texas. We would have made that pos a believer!

                  If that dept doesn't stand by their officer, the pos' of that community will escalate the violence against the next officer.
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                    Originally posted by OperatorEX
                    "nigga I'll kill you nigga..." what will that crazy idiot ever have to offer society?
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                    Strong Body, Sharp Mind And Good Tactics!


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                      I didn't see anyone get punched.

                      Originally posted by suprtrpr View Post
                      he fell face first and broke his nose.
                      what a shame
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                        [QUOTE=suprtrpr;1942488]glad it is a felony for spitting on an officer here in nc

                        As it should be every where.

                        This is where Smurfettes sig fits in...I didnt hit you I simply high-fived your face!!!!!
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                          Our society is going to hell in a handbasket.
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                            Sorry, you don't get to punch handcuffed people for spitting on you. Sure, turn their face, hold their face away from you, put a spit hood on them, pull their shirt up, charge them more...but you can't strike them.

                            First off, I think there are few worse insults than to spit on somebody, but we're supposed to be able to handle ourselves professionally, even in the face of grave insult. We've all had days where emotion gets in the way of our brain and we make stupid or foolish choices, lets hope that's what this was.

                            Secondly, yes, it is assault or battery or whatever you call it to spit on somebody. That's not at issue here, nobody is saying it's not illegal. The department was saying that his response to it was not reasonable given the circumstances. He could have done any of the aforementioned things, rather than striking the kid. I'm sure giving the kid a righteous beatdown is what he WANTED to do, and i'm sure the kid dserved it, but not while handcuffed.

                            Third, there's a difference between a handcuffed guy spitting on you, and a handcuffed guy kicking, headbutting, etc. I can see how the department finds that striking a handcuffed suspect is unreasonable and excessive.

                            Absolutely foolish move on the Sgt's part, hopefully he'll retain his stripes and be better for the experience.
                            Originally posted by K40
                            To me, open carry is the equivalent of the couple making out and groping each other at the food court in the mall. Yeah, they are probably legal, as long as they don't start getting undressed. But they are still social retards.
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                              So hard not to automatically punch someone who spits in your face. Redirecting their jaw with your palm then coat their eyes with OC and pull their shirt up over their head reads better. Definately just because someone is cuffed the risk of fight or flight does not "evaporate" and because of that true/fact our policy does not exclude using OC spray once they are cuffed. It sounded like the moron was also trying to kick his way out of the car. Thats more reason for hog tying the fool. The only thing i saw that i could offer improvement is get them secured as fast as possible instead of having a roadside picnic and hanging out for so long. The longer a subject in custody is not transported the greater chance things escalate not in the officers favor. It is a nasty job at times and so many monday morning quarterbacks to include non-police desk jockeys have hours to view your dash cam footage. One of the bitches of this job. The funny thing though I watched the video I did not see any officer punch anyone at all.
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